Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cows! We Love Cows!

I am still a Wisconsin girl at heart.  Every time I see a cow, I have to say out loud "cow" and then proceed to "moo" a little.  It is not a new thing, not since kids, or anything like that. Matthew knows all about my love of cows and my need to roll down my window and moo at the cows as we drive by, and yet still loves me.  The boys love cows, as noted in their "moo" video - forgot about it click here.  Moo was also one of their first words.  Today I was very excited to see all the cows out in the field as we drove to my parents for dinner.  We packed the boys up and took them down to feed the cows some left over hot dog buns and it was worth the trip in the dreary weather.  The cows were extremely hungry and happy to come over and look at the boys.  Although, we were slightly disappointed that none of them mooed.  We were happy that none of them pooped, bucked us, or peeded around us ;)

Here are some of my favorite shots.  Most of them are of the cows, but there are a few of the boys enjoying them too.  Oh, and Nonnie too, she probably had more fun than the boys did!

On a totally different note, I am giving my first product review. A spill proof bucket of bubbles seemed like the perfect thing for the boys.  Here is a link to Toys 'R Us Of course, it is not where I bought it, of course it was a dollar more expensive at Target and that was their sale price...oye.  I would grade their design a C+, but after we added some bubble wands from a different bubble container, it is an A!  Most importantly, the boys love it and are entertained by it for hours at a time, I swear!   The wands that came with the bucket are impossible to blow bubbles out of.  However, that did not stop the boys from having fun with it!  There are three openings at the top of the bucket, so it is even more perfect for the boys and their BFF next door, Conner.  Of course, it does not mean that bubble time is all clean, but they are not spilling the whole bubble container over all the time, or needing me to hold the container while they fight over who gets to put their wand in first.  This one is even fun to tote around the yard, as Gus demonstrates below. 

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