Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sickness Update, and More Favorites!

Here is Gus with Raleigh's girlfriend E - up to no good;)  I think she was tickling him...he obviously was loving it!

Well, we’ve been sick, again.  Seriously, this weather is just not helping matters out.  It is still so cold and that is making it hard for us to get over the coughs we’ve had since January.  This past week it turned worse for the boys.  Matthew had bronchitis and an ear infection the week before.  All of a sudden Raleigh was just not himself last Thursday.  I thought maybe he was getting another molar, but as the day progressed, it was clear he too, was getting sick. It took Augustus another 24 hours or so to catch up, but soon enough they were both sick.  This time it was fevers, cough, snot, etc.  Monday we paid our pediatrician a visit and it was luckily not ear infections, bronchitis or anything more than a sinus infection. She put them on antibiotics because they had been fighting the cold/cough so long.  After 48 hours on the medicine they took a turn for the better.  I of course got sick, again, too.   After my friend Manda gave me a tip to squirt lemon juice up my nose I finally feel like I can breathe again.  Hopefully I will be fully mended soon so we can all move on just in time for better weather.  We were so bummed to miss our friends two-year old birthday party last weekend, and we truly hope we are all good so we can make it to our other friends two-year b-day party this weekend.  We are still playing it by ear at this point.  The last thing we need is to infect a bunch of two year olds and their parents!!

I don’t really have much to blog about, just wanted to keep up the pictures and our new favorite things.  We are slowly approaching the boys second birthday too.  Wow! Time just flies by.  Each day the boys get more and more like little men.  They are putting more words together.  My new favorite word is one that Augustus says more than Raleigh – which is unusual since Rals is a bit more of the talker – “diesel.”  As in diesel trains!  Of course!  Trains, trains, trains, these boys love trains.  Their second birthday is a train theme, after much deliberation between trains and fire trucks.  Trains won out this year.   

The boys love to try to jump and it is pretty comical.  They will bend all the way down and then throw their hands up in the air and maybe get some air, maybe not, but they have a ball trying.  I laugh every time I see it! 

They still cannot really say “love” real well, but they will sign it, i.e. cross their arms over their hearts, and point to you.  LOVE IT!  I know it makes Nanny and Poppy happy to see it via Skype in particular, that and catching and blowing kisses.  “S” words and “F” words still come out strange…although they can hiss like a snake which is just a long “ssssssssssssss” sound so I am a bit dumbfounded by that.  They love Thomas the Train, we have lots and lots of the trains and a few books, and when we are at the store they are excited to see his paraphernalia, but when they say it, Thomas still sounds like Bama, as in Obama.  It makes me laugh, because their Uncle Thomas is a hard core Republican, so they call him Bama!  HA!!!  Raleigh continues to be a parrot most of the time and will attempt new words regularly.  Augustus does better when you are one on one with him asking him questions or reading to him and he will talk back more freely.

We tried toddler beds a little bit while the guys were sick and it was no big deal. They were not in real toddler beds, but they liked sleeping propped up a bit on their giant bean bags in their rooms, so we left them lying on them a few times overnight.  Only once did Augustus open the door, and he did not come out, he just stood the in the doorway until I came to say good morning.  However, when I went in to check on them I found Raleigh lying under his crib.  I guess he wanted the comfort of his bedL

My favorite thing right now is seeing the boys sing “twinkle, twinkle.”  They will sign along with me and do the stars, up high, and my fave – make a diamond with their fingers.  They know many shapes now, circle – which they still call round and round, triangle, oval, and of course diamond.  We are working on colors too.  They both know pink, orange, and yellow really well, but for whatever reason they still mess up red, green and blue.

The funniest thing this week is asking Raleigh questions.  You can ask him if he has a tail, ears, nose, anything and he will answer "no" every time.  It is hilarious.  He will argue about it too.  My favorite is when you ask him if birds have beaks.  He will stomp up and down and argue that they don't. Hilarious!  Such a little monkey. 

That is probably enough rambling for one day.  I really should be napping with the boys!  Hoping for better weather and better health!

Here are Gus and Raleigh getting some hugs and love from Grandpa Pickles while they were sick.

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