Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Auntie Peta, Uncle Tommy & Poppy! And Another Sad Good-Bye

I have been a little slack in posting about birthdays, but since the boys are super excited to say "happy birthday" or at least the "happy" part, I figured it was a good time to post.  Today is Poppy's birthday in Australia.  The boys just called him to wish him a great day.  Raleigh was very excited, talked all about his birthday, and his dinner of rice and beans, and then kindly said "buh-bye" and closed the phone on him.  We have been cooped up much of the day inside, except a quick trip to Grandpa Pickles for breakfast with him and Uncle Jer-Jer, so I cannot fault his need to keep moving and say a quick bye-bye!  We are excited to catch up with Auntie Peta this weekend via Skype, and cannot wait to hear all about her big day.  Just to be safe, I am wishing Uncle Tommy - or "Bama" as Raleigh says - a very happy early birthday as well!!!

Unfortunately, another day with a sad passing.  My Grandma's husband Elmer passed away this morning.  He died peacefully and that is really all you can ask for when you have lived a very full and long life.  We are sad for the entire family, especially for my Grandma and Elmer's children and all the grandchildren.  I know he will be truly missed.

This weekend we have no big plans, just to get ready for the boys big day coming up.  We have lots of preparations to make for their second birthday party. Grandpa Pickles will miss the boys birthday party this year, but it is important for him to be there for his Mom!  We will sure miss him:( Of course, we'll miss all the Hamiltons and other family members who live too far away to make it, as well. Lucky for Matt, the boys amd me, we have made really great friends here!  Here are a few cute pics of the boys today at Pickles. He read the boys "Twinkle, Twinkle" and when Grandpa got to the part about a diamond in the sky, both boys made their diamonds with their hands.  Precious!

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  1. Im so sorry you have had another loss. Also sorry we are going to miss the boys birthday :(


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