Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a Day!

Today was a fun, sun filled day with the boys at Busch Gardens.  We met a few twinkie friends bright and early.  It was a perfect day for being outside in the sunshine. It was great to have a day with full sun, and no humidity, which despite the crazy cold winter weather, I know is still coming.  The boys were well behaved, even with the hundreds of people out and about for spring break, and our longer than usual adventure.  The boys did not get home to nap until about 3pm.  Gus slept until 5:15 when I started to wake him up, and Raleigh slept until 5:30ish when Gus and I were able to finally wake him up.  Luckily they were still asleep well before 8 tonight.  They were quite happy to have an extra half hour with Daddy anyway.
boys with gorillas gus nose to nose with tiger
raleigh growlling like a lion
The best part was when we got to the new Sesame Street play area and the boys were off and running, with no fear.  It is a little scary as a mom, running after two little people surrounded by what felt like a hundred million people at times, but it was so awesome to see them assert their independence and be carefree boys!  They climbed the entire play set and even made it to what I call the rat maze.  They worked their way through a bunch of obstacles and were well on their way to climbing into the abyss, where I could no longer see them, but a kind older girl helped me ask them down by gently grabbing their hands and guiding them back to the ground.  Whew, we made it out alive, and caught up with our other twinkie friends safely playing in the sand pit below the maze.  My favorite shot of the maze was just of their legs.  Awesome!
boys are suddenly fearless!!!! (9) boys are suddenly fearless!!!! (7)
wire time...and tackle lorelei! (5) wire time...and tackle lorelei! (6) wire time...and tackle lorelei! (7) where the day got crazy - new sesame street area! where the day got crazy - new sesame street area! (7) wire time...and tackle lorelei!  wire time...and tackle lorelei! (3)
The not so awesome part of the day occurred by the orangutans.  The kids were all playing nice, and suddenly, Augustus started bawling.  Yup, Hannibal struck.  Raleigh seriously bit the heck out of Gus’ cheek.  Didn’t I just say that this phase was over???  We played the photos on the TV when Daddy got home tonight and when the boys saw the slide for the orangutans Gus started yelling “bite, bite.”  I was not looking at the pictures, so I did not know what he was talking about, maybe phantom red ants, but no, that was not it, I looked up and saw a picture of the exact spot where the “incident” occurred.  He then strung together, “Raleigh, bite, not nice.”  That is right buddy!  Not nice, indeed. Poor pumpkin!  Below is a picture of Gus showing the lady who was controlling the carrousel his bite.  He also blew her a kiss, what a flirt!
gus post bite on cride (2)gus flirts with worker at BG
Here are a few more pictures of our 2nd birthday photo shoot done by Little Lane Photography.  Still not fully in love with them, but it is not the photographer’s fault, just really bad luck with the wind. 
rals and gus - favorite shots! augustus gnr - on the tracks, looking funny, but adorable happy fam! mom, rals, gus, daddy Raleigh holds a flower!


  1. OUCH!!! @the bite. Looks like a fun day other wise though!

  2. Sorry to hear about Raleigh bitting Gus.. =( Looks like the boys had a great time at BG! They are very adventures with no fear!! Cant wait to join you guys soon. Again, I just LOVE the photo session. The boys look adorable - as always! XOXO

  3. What a fun day! That would scare me too, not being able to see them on the playground!! I think the prof pics turned out great, wind and all, and I think the tie idea is so cute!


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