Sunday, March 7, 2010

Haircut. Seriously, Gus is a New Man!

Just a quick update on our weekend.  We had an amazing time at a two-year old birthday party with our good friends yesterday.  This picture of Augustus going down the slide with extra cool hair caused by static electricity was a big push for us to get his hair cut!!!

Today was an amazing weather day, and we enjoyed the morning with breakfast at Nonnie and Pickle's house with special guest, Uncle Jer Jer. Then it was a big walk to the park where the boys had so much fun running around the park. It is so great to do the park on Sunday mornings because no one else is ever there; I guess everyone else is at church! The boys took a nice nap and woke up in time for us to get haircuts. These were the first official haircuts outside of our house. Augustus' hair was just out of control!!! Not anymore. He is a real little boy now. Short and clipped properly. Raleigh is still rocking some major curls so we just took his up a little and thinned it out a little so it is not so heavy on his head this summer. Tonight we had a great dinner with family and friends. The boys were on their best behavior and had a good time with their little buddy. Now, on to watch the Oscars!

Here, Raleigh does his best "hmmmm" face, and yes, that is an awesomely-bad garden frog statue from my mom.  There are three frogs, one for each of the boys and one for their BFF Conner. 

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