Monday, March 8, 2010

New Place to Run Free! Sunshine Days!!!

Today we hit a new play area with the boys and friends.  My awesome mom made the trip across the bay with us, too.  A short ride away, but it felt like another world away.  Sunshine, fresh air, and temps near 70 degrees made for a perfect day to try a new park. Well, it was more like a sanctuary.  There were trails, boardwalks, and lots of places for the kiddos to explore.  The boys had a blast, but I was a little disappointed we did not see more fish or crabs and the like.  I think the cold weather really impacted them. There were; however, many birds to watch, oh, and airplanes, lots of airplanes for the kids to check out.  Here are a few shots of the boys with their favorite friends, E & C.  Gus and and little miss E were very chummy today.  Maybe it was the new hair do?!?!?

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