Monday, March 22, 2010

We Survived Birthday Weekend!!

The party was great, naps this weekend, not so much.  Today, we planned on staying some and laying low so the boys could be in bed early.  Well, that worked, although it still took Raleigh 45 minutes to fall asleep.  I hope this is just a byproduct of Daylights Saving, sugar, and added excitement, and not a trend for turning two years old!
On Sunday the boys opened up their birthday presents.  Well, the ones from their party at least.  The books the boys got were all amazing. Additionally, one of our friends actually made the boys some t-shirts and bags.  Both had their names on them. The shirts have trains and the bags have a kangaroo on Raleigh’s and Augustus’ has a koala.  How cute!!!  if you are on Facebook, check out her stuff on Sugar Magnolia.
gus and his train shirt and bag - of course rals had to watch closely!!! (2) rals with kim's book - happened to open to his fave - the rhino!
Today, the boys actually wanted to come inside to play with their new books; the Usborne Wind-Up Train and Airplane books in particular.  Wow, how cool are those!?!?!?  Thanks Christian and Zachary for picking these amazing books out!!!  There is a train and airplane that winds up, thus the name, clever, huh?  The toy then fits into a track within the book and goes around all over the page.  There are so many things for the boys to look for – their favorite thing to do while “reading.”
gnr with sylvie's books - love
We are holding off on our presents until Thursday, their actual birthday.  Matthew could not hold off giving the boys one present though. The basketball hoop.  Raleigh enjoys it. Augustus would rather mow the grass! 

IMG_1246 raleigh - big cheese! (2) rals slam! gus - lawnmower man! gus big cheese! (2)
We know Nonnie gave the boys their presents early since she had planned to go by Uncle Buck, aka, my brother, for a while.  We also have plans to open Nannie and Poppy’s birthday presents for the boys Thursday morning via Skype with them.  After a marathon of present opening we headed to the Airfest with friends, including one in the military, so we had no lines!  Yay!  Plus, the boys got to hand with their BFF Conner.  It was great to see the boys check out the planes and all the crazy military toys.  I think Matthew was the biggest kid in the candy store though! Then the rain came and we headed home.  Which was a good thing because the boys were tired.  Of course, Raleigh fell asleep for all of five minutes in the car, so that was the end of his naptime!  Oy.
We did take the boys to Publix yesterday, despite their tiredness, and I found the coolest plastic plates to try out with the boys.   Here is another fun product review;)  The boys are really great at eating out of bowls and cups, but plates are a challenge.  They constantly want to pick it up, go figure.  So, I saw these cafeteria type plates and had to get one for each
of the boys. I was uber-excited to try them out at lunch today. I am happy to report we did much better than the usual plate attempts.  Plus they were only $1.50 or something like that.  The boys even managed to eat a bit of a grilled ham and cheese sandwich…something they usually reserve only for Grandpa Pickles.  I love the compartments, and as you can see by the clap from Gus, they liked it too!


  1. Yummy - roasted broccoli!

    I had so much fun taking pics at the party. I'll work on them as soon as I can - things here are crazy in ways I can't even explain. :P


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