Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Augustus and Raleigh!

GnR - Birthday 2010

Today is the boys’ actual birthday.  Wow, two years already?!?!?!  Where does time go?  I remember the day my water broke so well. Running around with my head cut off trying to get ready before Matthew got home from work.  I still managed to shower, clean up the “water” that my cats were trying to lick up, yup, you read that right, and running next door to tell my friend Ann that there was a great turkey dinner ready on the stove, she and her family could enjoy it!  I had just been put on bed rest the night before.  So glad I got to enjoy one day of R&R at home;) My poor mother left me about 20 minutes earlier after spending the whole day cooking and doting like only a mother can.  Only to turn around and race back like a mad woman. 

I can also remember being in the hospital two years ago and laughing every time a doctor came in telling me we’d get to Thursday – four days later – before the babies would arrive.  Ha!  What did they know? Those boys were willful even in the womb.  They decided it was time to come out and no amount of magnesium or any combination of drugs was going to slow them down.  I had contractions, about 6 an hour, since I made it to the hospital, At about 10 in the morning, about 15 hours after arriving, I said I felt like I had to push.  When the doctors finally checked me and I was seven and a half centimeters dilated already.  Then they rushed me to the OR and got going.  They had already cut me open before Matthew even got in the room.  Another one of my favorite, most embarrassing moments is when I was on the table, before the doctors came in, and one of the nurses yelled “she’s not shaved, yet.”  OMG – could have died, but she meant fully shaved, a must for the C-section, I guess…she did not mean that I was not properly “groomed!” 

Alrighty, on that note, back to the boys.  They have had a great day. They even slept in…almost making Daddy late for work!  We had planned on Skyping with the Grandies in Oz and Auntie Peta of course too, so Matthew had put all the presents out in the boys’ playroom so we could just bring them down and let them enjoy it while the Grandies watched.  The big wheels were a big hit, thank you Nannie and Poppy.  However, we bought the boys two trucks, a fire truck and a recycling truck, and the recycling truck is the biggest hit.  Really?  They call it the “hcckkk” truck.  You know, like yuck, ick, hcckk, for garbage.  They have always imitated my noise for garbage.  As in, ick, don’t touch that, it is dirty, garbage. Now all garbage trucks are “hcckk” trucks.  Got to love them! The other funny part was when Raleigh finally got to play with the truck – Augustus was fully attached to it for a good 30 minutes – he immediately looked at me and made his fingers into a sign for scissors, and said “man, out.”  He knew he was locked in there, and wanted me to cut him out.  Really?  Smarty-farty.  So, I took the twist tie off the man so he could take him out.  Happy days. 


happy birthday sign with boys

After our tile man left today – yup, finally pulled up the shower floor and found that the tile mesh backing had never set – we headed to the post office to pick up the packages from Nannie, Poppy and Peta.  I hauled them in their wagon because I knew I could not hold their hands and the packages.  Very smart on my part because, GEEZ, those were some heavy packages!  The boys loved every second of all the attention they got in the post office, let me tell you!  I tried to bribe the boys through lunch before giving them their presents – sorry Daddy, we could not wait for you…these boys are present crazy right now.  The bribing did not work for Gus. Raleigh – he ate a bit more, but the excitement got to him too.  They love all the goodies in their bag, and the cutest part was when Gus bit into the chocolate bunny rabbit head.  Right through the foil.  He has never even had one of those before, but somehow he knew he could eat it!  Then when he got to Peta’s package, he said CHOCOLATE and tried to eat through that package too…oy!  Here is a short video of him opening the present, you have got to check out the look when I say Gus bit the bunny head! 

Thankfully, they still fell asleep quickly, with sugar in their systems and pounding from construction on a new house right behind their bedroom.  Whew!!!!

Tomorrow we head to the pediatrician for their two year well visit.  I cannot wait to see how tall and big these boys really are!  I know they both have not had much of an appetite lately, and Rals had already lost a pound or more over his last bought of sickness, so hopefully he will have gained some back.  I hope these last few two-year molars come through quicker than the first one since that is causing them a lot of discomfort!  Plus, it seems like they are to the phase where they are too busy to eat!  Well, off to enjoy another hot cup of coffee before the boys wake up.  Much love to the family and friends we are especially missing on this special day!  Hugs and kisses from us to you!

Love, Gus, Raleigh, Brooke and Matthew

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