Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fire Engines and More Favorite Things!

The boys had a great visit with their pediatrician last week.  Both, however, have lost weight again.  It is due to all the runny mucus and teeth!  They are still very healthy boys.  Raleigh weighed in at just over 26 pounds, and is 35 1/4 inches.  Augustus weighs just a little more and is a bit taller, 28lbs, 35 3/4".

The boys enjoyed a surprise visit to the fire station this morning, and check this out!!!  This was the first time they got to use the hose; what big boys! This was after getting to see Grandpa Pickles for breakfast.  They were so happy to see him after his time in Wisconsin and Illinois.  I missed him too, especially his awesome cooking.  The boys were treated with French toast and everything.


We have been busy with more birthday celebrations.  The weather has gone from cold, to warm, to hot, to rainy in all of a span of a few days.  Today is beautiful, but cool.  Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous so we have big plans with friends enjoying the outdoors - more to follow later I am sure. Here are a few snapshots of the last week or so.  Enjoy!

Raleigh is blowing raspberries on Augustus’ belly, while Daddy supervises.  So happy!raleigh blowing bubbles on gus' belly!Boys eating cake at their besties birthday party.  They used the little kangaroos as spoons to get the frosting off first.gnr and cake!  The boys inspect a ladybug. Raleigh was in such a frumpy mood until we found that bug!ralsandgus with the lady bug! (2)

rals and gus firing the fireman's hose! (3) 
rals and gus firing the fireman's hose! (11)
Update on Favorite Things!

  • Boo-boos.  If the boys hurt someone, or see someone hurt, they pat that person’s back and say “alright?”  It is precious to see.  They also rub each other’s back with their wash cloths in the shower.  Such good brothers…most of the time!
  • More sentence attempts.  Raleigh in particular.  He does not string words together perfectly, but he will say, "Raleigh eat" or "Gussy sit down."   This new found conversation ability has also blossomed into a bit of bossiness.  Hmm, where does he get his skills in leadership from?  That is what I am calling it anyway;)
  • Map abilities.  Both boys can point out Australia, and say that Poppy lives there (sorry Nanny and Peta). Augustus can get Florida right about 99% of the time too and say "Daddy."  Raleigh is trying, but for whatever reason, usually ends up somewhere in Eastern Europe.
  • Spitting and biting are a phase of the past. Only in rare moments are the boys spitting their water from their sippy cups, or biting each other.  This is while working through some serious two-year molars, so I am impressed. I hope I did not just jinx us!  They have also stopped throwing food on a regular basis when they are done eating.  However, new phases as they age.  Now they are in a bit of a whiny phase. I am not sure if that is just because we have been mostly cooped up for two days due to rain and cold, windy weather, or what.  It also could be partly because of the teething.  Raleigh has his whole hand in his mouth at any down moment. 
  • Improvising language barriers. When the boys cannot say a word, but they want to tell us something, they can usually make it happen.  For example, they got a new recycling truck for their birthday, and both boys cannot say "garbage" or "recycling" but they can make the noise I do when I want to indicate, "yuck, don't touch that."  It sounds something like "hckkkk" or like you are coughing up phlem!  So they say "hckkkk truck" for their garbage truck. Pretty ingenious if you ask me.  They continue to improve and add words, but pronunciation is still off.  The pediatrician was not worried, she said that can be off until they are four before we should get concerned. 

Here are some shots of the boys with the cows again.  Unfortunately, we had an incident with fire ants as we got ready to go…so I don’t think they’ll be up for any trips to the cows soon.  Augustus got big on the leg.  He now points to the boo-boo and says “ant, ant, bite, boo-boo, moo, cows, mommy.”  All together, like he is saying, the damn ants bit me, it hurt, it was by the cows and  it is mommy’s fault.  I hate ants.  I have to add that in because even before this incident the boys would march and say “ant, ant.”  Not because we sang “The Ants Go Marching” or because of any Dave Matthews Band song, either.  It is because they see me yell, “ANT” and stomp them.  Parenting at its best!

IMG_0678IMG_0641  IMG_0647

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  1. Do you know these fireman? My boys would LOVE to hang out at the fire station. Do you make an appointment or what? We want to go!!!


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