Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter; What a Fun Filled, Exhausting Weekend!

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, particularly today, Easter.  The boys had a packed weekend. Matthew said it best when I said I felt like I needed a weekend, and am more tired tonight despite Matthew enjoying a three day weekend with us.  He said I was the one who wanted to go all out all weekend. Oh yeah, that’s right!  I even had a crazy idea that maybe we should go to Busch Gardens this morning.  Whoa. I would not have even been able to see by tonight.  We spend a little while at the beach on Friday.  That was great.  We stayed close to home instead of going all the way to the Gulf.  It was still nice.  I was not expecting the boys to actually go in the water, so they did not have swim suits, but after a short stint at the park area they were all about climbing in the sand and splashing in the water.  Then that afternoon we hit the local Y and enjoyed their splash area.  It was great, the boys cried if we tried to get them out of the splash area, even if it was just to warm up in the big pool, but the actual splash part of the pool was ridiculously COLD!!!  The boys were almost purple by the time we got them dressed to go.

gus - my fave - tongue and all! gus - tongue still out, still happy and going gus finds a shell, he calls it a snail! (7) water babies! (2)water babies!  boys  helping each other up, again and again checking out the airplane (2) gnr at the park (2) great brothers and friends


Saturday we spent the morning doing some shopping.  The boys were pretty cooperative until we got to Home Depot to.   buy some new plants.  Then they were over it.  This was even with a little stop at the park in between shopping trips while Daddy put away the groceries.  This is one good thing of having SO many parks within a mile or two of our house.  We could not blame the boys for being over the shopping, so we went home and made a big lunch for them.  They woofed it down!  Then after naptime, we went to Nonnie’s pool and park.  The boys were ecstatic!  They are so excited when they see me in my swim suit!  They are truly water babies.  Raleigh did amazing in the pool floating and flipping over to swim under water.  Gus was not as excited.  He kept looking at me and either shaking his head or finger at me to indicate, “no Mommy!”  He still had a ball walking and splashing in the pool.  Hilarious thing is that Daddy met us at Nonnie’s for dinner and had a beer.  We tried to do the whole “beer = cocoa” like we did for my nephew Alexander, but when we said, Daddy’s having cocoa, Raleigh stopped us and said, “no, that’s BE-EEEER!”  That was the first time he ever said beer, and it was so darn cute!  I think I about peed my pants. I don’t think we’ll be able to pull anything over on Rals. 

pool time after a long winter! (4) pool time after a long winter! (2)

This morning we laid low and the boys were quite happy to play with their indoor toys.  They stayed inside until Daddy started planting the new plants outside.  Then, they were all about helping Dad.  Raleigh was able to play mini-firefighter with the hose and promptly turned around and sprayed me instead of the newly planted flowers.  After naps the boys were surprised with an egg hunt in our front yard.  The quickly found their baskets, which included their first pairs of undies.  Raleigh found the packet that had Nickelodeon characters on them and yelled “Go, Diego, Go” for a few minutes!  Augustus got the Sesame Street pack, and when we tried them on tonight, he promptly put a pair on his head.  What a frat boy!  They had fun with the egg hunt, but next year I think it will be more fun because they will understand the bunny thing more.  We did okay with Santa because we went to visit him at the mall, and it was hard to miss all the Christmas decorations.  We did not do too much for Easter this year, so maybe next year they will get it more.  I know, I know, Easter is more than a bunny holiday…

raleigh after! (2) helping Dad with the plants helping Dad with the plants (2) gus riding raleigh as a horse!

mommy and the boys - not going to get a pic with just us! chocolate, they are not silly chocolate, they are not silly (2) Easter 2010 eggs egg hunt in the gardens (6) egg hunt in the gardens (7) first packs of undies! good brothers!

happy easter hami's picnik

Other things we are seeing, is that the boys must be going through a growth spurt.  They have had massive appetites – which could also be from increased activity with the awesome weather we’ve had, but they also have been tripping over their feet a few times a day.  Unfortunately, that means many, many skinned knees!  They continue to show greater communication abilities.  On the way home last night, we played their Laurie Berkner cd and they were both singing different songs, and wanting their song to play. Augustus was singing his favorite, “Moon, Moon, Moon” and Rals was singing “I’m a Mess.” It was Raleigh’s first time singing (except his rendition of the birthday song) and now thinks it is the best song ever!!!!

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