Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fountain Play

Starbucks was offering free coffee to anyone who brought in their own mug on tax day, so of course we had to take a walk to get mommy some coffee.  The boys were happy to get a drink of chocolate milk while I drank my coffee.  On the way back we had some fun in the fountain.  The boys love water, any kind, so the fountain offers them a place to play and me to laugh at how much fun they can have with a little fountain!

 cheers bro - only chocolate milk! fountain - could anything be more fun (4) fountain fun - rals big smile!progression of fun times! my favorite!!!!fountain fun - gus great smile  progression of fun times! (4) progression of fun times! (6) fountain - could anything be more fun

Gus has started saying “mmm hmm” after almost everything he says, with a little head shake up and down.  For example, he’ll say “truck,” and I say “truck” back to him and he says “mmm hmm.”   It is the cutest thing ever.  He is so proud of himself doing it too.  It either is he is really happy that he is communicating or that he knows he is doing something really clever and wants to make sure we know it.  So adorable!!!

We’re still dealing with fighting, a lot of fighting.  They just seem to be on each other’s nerves a ton lately.  Raleigh continues to egg Gus on, and for the most part Gus just cries about it.  However, Gus finally got fed up with Raleigh’s biting antics and bit Raleigh twice last week.  I think it all stems from their two-year molars that are still working their way out.  One of my MoM friends recommend something that I had not really thought about – putting a toy they are fighting over into timeout, instead of just the boys.  I like that! 

Such little helpers!  They love to help Matthew in the garden, and have made a habit of watering our hanging baskets every night when Daddy comes home.  They are getting really good at putting their toys away, by category too – they have a bit of Daddy’s OCD;)  This is a good thing, because they also love to dump all their toys out of their bins…

We have discovered Handy Manny.  The boys really have been limited on their television, and usually we only do it when we are getting food ready for 15-20 minutes at a time if it is a really crazy day.  However, we usually wake up and watch Blue’s Clues while Mommy & Daddy take turns showering.  Well, we found Handy Manny this past week; which fits right into their love of anything Spanish, and boy, do they love Manny.  Tools are another favorite thing - they love to help drill, screw drive, hammer, etc. 

Wednesday we go for the boys speech evaluation.  They had an in home evaluation a few weeks ago and they found that they were slightly delayed in communication.  The main thing that we are concerned with is pronunciation – which they won’t provide speech help with – but they are also delayed with putting their words together into sentences.  Of course, right after their evaluation Raleigh really started putting his thoughts together.  Augustus is getting there too.  We are so happy with all their progress; it is so fun to hear what they are thinking! 


After a very tiring weekend for me, I am thankful for naptime and my husband. I had a great party with my friends on Friday night.  What a blast.  How cool is it that the boys brought about so many cool friends, all connected by twins!  Thanks ladies for an amazing time:)

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  1. The picture of your kids drinking out of Starbucks cups is too cute!

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