Monday, April 26, 2010

Do We Look Different?

Keeping with the boys' interests and age, the blog is going through a revamp.  Yup, this mama has too much time on her hands!  Right, you believe me I am sure.  Just trying to keep myself up to date with technology for when I do actually go back to a paying job.  I am not in school for the first time in over10 years or something crazy like that, so a girl has to keep up with these things in other ways.  Fun for me, drag for others. 

Funny stories:

The boys tried corn on the cob for the first time last night. Augustus was amazing to watch.  He is just like Grandpa Pickles in the corn eating department - think typewriter eating.  Wow!  He was so proud of himself that he looked at all of us watching him and started clapping. 

I taught the boys how to say the word "gross."  Raleigh loves to say it.  He says "beer is gross" really well.  I told him kitty poo poo was gross and he immediately told me that "beer is gross" too.  Now if I could stop him from calling wine apple juice...

Gus started seriously putting words and thoughts together just today.  Overnight, right?  He saw someone walking a baby in a stroller and said "baby walk."  At dinner I sat on the ladder - weird, I know - and he said "mommy sit down ladder." 

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