Saturday, April 24, 2010

Teddy Bear Tea and Other Fun Stuff!

Today, the boys attended their first tea party.  Yup, you heard me right, the boys attended their first tea party.  If you know me, you know I am not all into the gender rules, boys wear blue, girls wear pink, and all, so it was great fun to be part of the tea party fun with all our friends!  The moms of multiples group we are part of put it on as part of our spring celebration. What an amazing idea: dress the kids in their finest clothes, bring their favorite teddy bears, and art work, and leave the rest up to the mom’s group planning leaders.  The china was borrowed or purchased at Goodwill, blankets were brought to let the kids spread out with their tea, and the high tea of cheese sandwiches, jelly sandwiches with cookies, scones and fruit was available for the kids.  Peach iced tea and pink lemonade refreshed us all and cucumber sandwiches held over the parents…along with a few cookies and scones;)  The bonus was that the moms group decided to help my own mom’s newest business venture and hire her and her partner to cater the event.  They hope to be helping hold tea parties around the area soon and having their own tea room eventually too!  If you are interested, email them at The scones were blissful for sure, and the ice tea and lemonade were quite the treat for most of the kiddos who usually don’t get to taste such fancy drinks!  High tea at two years old is pretty fancy. How great is it that kids of all ages were able to enjoy the beautiful spring day as well?  Perfect!  The best part, the boys got to hang out with their friends, learn about tea, and the best is that they fell asleep like legends both at naptime and bedtime from all the fresh air!!!

   tea cups

mommy with gnr at the tea partygus proud of his tea pour gnr checking the pour out rals drinking tea - look at the eyes!    teddy bear tea!

Yesterday, the boys had their first popsicle of “summer” – how cute are these boys???  Love that Gus took C’s hat…his old one, and it sooooooooooo does not even begin to cover his noggin!

boys of summer - first popsicle of the season! (5)

The zoo was calling our name after we made it to the evaluation by the state bright and early one morning this week.  This was the evaluation to see if the boys were eligible for assistance with their speech.  We were worried that Augustus in particular, was a bit delayed with his pronunciation and ability to express his thoughts in more than one word, but the evaluation found the boys are doing just fine in all areas: gross/fine motor skills, self-help/adaptive skills, social/emotional, academic/cognitive and receptive and expressive communication.  That is a relief!  However, we can contact them again if the do not continue improve with their word conjugation. It is amazing how much they are continuing to put together each and every day.  My advice to other moms out there, or parents, is to chill a bit if you are concerned about “delays” that are not really completely apparent.  Everyone has their own time to blossom.  The boys were born at 33 weeks and sometimes it is good to remind myself that this is a fact, despite their complete amazing selves, they may take a bit more time than their peers. I don’t like to compare the boys to their peers, but sometimes it is just plain tough not too.  Speaking of peers, check out the besties holding hands below.  Almost all looking at the camera, but best of all facing forward…how many pics do we have of their backs?IMG_4287

gnr with c&e (2)  Gus the bird man – still loves to hold the birds on the stick and feed them!gus picks up a bird to feed!

Earlier in the week we made pizza with Nonnie.  The boys were super helpful!  Their favorite part was making the sauce and then giving both Nonnie and me a taste.  Yummo!!!

taste testing! gnr help make pizza (2)

Then, we visited the cows.  A few of them ate whole wheat waffles, a few just came over to try to lick my camera, and us!  Currently, we have some overripe bananas and left over bread crusts from the tea sandwiches, so we will have to go back soon.

Here is a glimpse of what has become a daily ritual in our house, as mentioned in the last post.  Wow!  At least they are getting better at putting their toys away.  I guess it is good to take inventory every once and a while as well!

fun times - all the buckets empty! 

That pretty much sums up our week.  Fun times indeed, peppered with a few more bites – UGH!  If anyone has any tips I am all ears…

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  1. No tipes on biting, but your kids are the cutest! And I love how they dressed up for the tea party ;) Super sweet boys!!!


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