Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am in L-O-V-E

I baked today.  An event in itself, but here is the kicker – it was GOOD!!!!

The recipe is from the Joy of Baking website.  Their pumpkin cupcakes are to die for, seriously.  Wow, good.  I think the cupcakes on their own would make an excellent muffin, but add the cheesecake frosting and it is delish!!!  I don’t feel like the muffin/cupcake part would be all that bad for us, there is only one cup of sugar in the recipe, but that frosting, yum, but not so good for you.  

 pumpkin muffin beforepumpkin muffin with cream cheese frosting!!!

In other news, we have been busy all week, but today we are taking a break.  Thus, the baking and I even vacuumed the downstairs before lunch time!  Now, if I can make this update quick I can clean the bathrooms and start the laundry. Jealous, aren’t you?  We have hit the zoo, the pool, and Busch Gardens this week.  The boys were extremely well behaved, especially considering I really have not had a voice for most of the week.  The only questionable behavior was at lunch yesterday when they dumped their entire pasta and peas cup on the table.  They were not big eaters yesterday, so I just let it go. We did have a blast with our besties yesterday though.  The boys were extremely brave and tried a few new rides out.  They started on the train and it was so cute to watch the four friends go into the train car of their choice.  Raleigh picked the first car, and acted as the engineer, and Gus picked the caboose, and E & C rode in the car right in front of Gus.  The next ride was the airplanes.  Again, we let the kiddos choose where they wanted to sit and this time C & Augustus rode in a plane, and Rals and his girlfriend chose the one behind them.  Gus and Rals both went into the front of the plane.  I really start to feel like I have little people when they do these new things!  No more babies:(  Augustus even figured out how to bring the plane up in the air, so C got a great ride!  Rals and E were happy to ride low.  The ride was crazy fast, so they still got quite a ride. 

Next they tried the motorcycles.  They are not tall enough to sit in the front of the cycle, but I think they had fun nonetheless. Although, their faces were not quite as enthusiastic as on other rides, but Gus did let a “weeeee” out when he rode down a small hill on the ride. 

After the rides were over we had a ball exploring the animal sections.  We did not even make it to the Sesame Street area!  The boys got to get up close and personal with a two-toed sloth.  I cannot tell you how lucky these kids are!  Busch Gardens truly provides an up close and personal animal experience.  Our local zoo always wins the Parent’s best zoo award, but we tend to think it is not as friendly for toddlers and multiples, but Busch is amazing.  Now that they have the stroller parking it is even better for us MoMs.  We happened to run into three or four sets of twins too.  None of whom are part of our club.  Miss Nat Nat and I did our best pitch to two moms, both who have fifteen month old boys.  Aw, I remember that age.  I totally love this age better, but I find myself saying that all the time!!!

Like I mentioned earlier, today is a stay-at-home day.  We did however, make it outside to play a bit.  As soon as I put their shoes on, they start saying “bye-bye” and “Ellie, Conner, Miss Nat Nat.”  ALL the time, everyday.  I remember when it used to be “Nonnie and bye-bye.”  I guess friends are moving up in importance! 

Today, I witnessed the cutest thing. I totally reaffirms our decision to have me stay-at-home with the boys.   I would not change things for anything, but some days are, well, hard! These small moments just make me super happy. Raleigh walked over to Augustus, showed him his boo-boo and said “boo-boo.”  Gus immediately walked over to his doctor’s kit, opened it up and broke out the boo-boo cream.  He then put it on Raleigh’s boo-boo.  Then, the total twin side came out when he said boo-boo again, and put some on his hand.  I laugh every time they mirror each other when one gets hurt.  Of course, it is not as bad as the original one, but they will pretend to fall, or hit their knee, etc.  I don’t laugh as much when they want to be in time out just because their brother does!

After our trip to the pool this week, the boys were playing independently, but then Raleigh ran over to Gus and said “ooh, ooh” and pointed in the sweetest way as to say, you should go here.  His “ooh ooh” was for the monkey bars; get it, ooh-ohh, ahh-ahh, like a monkey!  Love it!!!  Communication development just intrigues me so much!!!

Back to the pool, the boys are amazing swimmers. I want to get them back to a refresher course with our favorite instructor, but I am starting to think they may not need it.  They are fearless, and remember how to hold their breath, turn over, float, etc.  Raleigh was hilarious with Nonnie in the pool.  He kept going under and just opening his eyes, and then would tell Nonnie to do it too, just wanting to watch her do it too.  Augustus does not stop once he is in the pool.  He just thinks he can swim the entire length of the pool.  Here is a short video of Rals swimming back and forth to the stairs.

rals swims to stairs swimmign with nons and pickles gus so happy in teh pool  rals more underwater play!

They are totally into imaginary play right now. In particular, pirates.  They will turn just about anything into a boat.  Our friend Conner brought over swords today too, so now they can play real pirates. Here is a picture of them in their picnic table “boat,” Gus with a sword, and Rals on the lookout!


The boys have a ridiculously good memory.  We can be driving somewhere and they will know where we are going well before we get there just by looking at their surroundings.  They did NOT inherit this from me!!!  Today, Raleigh saw the shirts I brought down for them to wear and said “Nanny & Poppy.” They are the shirts Nanny and Poppy bought them in Key West.  Whoa!  Kind of freaky.  It happens all the time though!  They are wicked smart!!!

In other good news, they just broke ground on another house, the one right behind us.  This leaves just one more lot on the street behind us.  Yay, we can hope for some more peace and quiet sooner, rather than later!

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