Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tools, Tools, and More Tools

The boys have always had a fascination with tools.  They love Nonnie’s pint sized real electric screwdriver in particular.  We have been on the lookout for some tools that look like they will not turn into weaponry…if that is possible.  I hit the jackpot this week at Target by buying their Circo brand tool table set.  It includes a circular saw, a drill, clamp press-thingy, a hammer and a screwdriver (or coo-coo driver as Raleigh pronounces it).  It was half price and makes super cute noises, not those really annoying toy noises, and of course, it also lights up.  I give it a grade of A-, only because if it was a bit bigger I think they may use it longer. However, if it was bigger, I don’t think I would have got it for $11 new. The bonus is that we picked up some swanky sunglasses that have yellow tint that pass as safety goggles.  These were in the dollar section, and I grade them an A++.  Awesome.  The boys love it and the toy has turned into a great way to get the boys to clean up on the double.  When they are done with it, I put it on our breakfast bar, so they can see it, and then when they want it back, they have to pick up their other toys first.  Awe, clean toy room bliss. It really is the small things in life that make me happy.  Of course, I am not in denial, I know this bliss will likely be short lived and I will have to find something else to bribe create an incentive with.  

rals and gus show daddy how to fix it rals with mommy gus and mommy  gus shows daddy his new tools

I have not posted recently because I spent last weekend with my BFF, Kristy.  We have been friends since we were two and now we only see each other once or twice a year, sniff, sniff.  This trip was to meet her new baby, Jane.  She is just three months old and super, duper squeezable.  Of course the beautiful Annie was also there, and she is now a whopping 19 months old already. Although, I did not get any sleep in time – seriously, what is with the sun being at high noon at 6:45 am in the Midwest…I don’t remember that growing up…it was a great trip with friends and two of the most beautiful, laid back little girls, and their stunning mom – who seriously does NOT look like she just gave birth. Awesome!

 janey finds her hand janey - sweet face janey, annie, calliewake up Janey with a big baby smile

In other news, the boys are doing well.  They continue to amaze us everyday. Raleigh continues to expand his language and Augustus is getting there, he is just a little less verbal.  Nonetheless, he is not behind with other forms of communication.  He is such a comedian and is hilarious to watch all the time, but one of my favorite things to watch him do is when he watches TV. He finds humor in all the right spots and is quick to repeat what he sees, especially the “Max-like” behaviors.  Of Ruby & Max, of course.  If you have never seen it, don’t.  It is thoroughly screwed up.  It centers around a sister and brother who are never parented, only a Grandmother makes an occasional appearance, and it is quite disturbing to see what they come up with.  However, the boys love it.  Gus has a serious Max look.  This short video is one example of him trying to roll his eyes, something he does quite well already. 

gus giving eyesRals continues to cry at bedtime.  I truly don’t remember them ever doing this before; however, I know most of their first months have been blocked from my memory, so maybe they did.  Now, it is just a way to get more cuddles and delay bedtime. I feel bad because Gus is ready to go to sleep but generally just talks to Raleigh.  He’ll say “here” and “okay” to try to soothe him, awe, so cute.  He doesn’t cry long, but it is hard to hear.  While I was away he vomited twice during naptime, and really, I think it was just his way to get out of napping.  When I got home, the next time he went down for nap he stood in his crib and made fake puke sound effects and laughed…wicked little man.  He also started laughing this diabolical laugh at all the right moments too.  He is seriously so funny and too smart for his own good.  He knows how to get Gus going and tries to drive us crazy at times and then starts this laugh that makes me want to pee my pants, but you know if you laugh you are done for!!!  During one of his naptime fiascos my mom was at the house and she went to lay down with him on his bean bag to try to calm him back down.  She had her eyes closed and he said “wake up, Nonnie.”  When she wouldn’t open her eyes, he pinched her cheeks upward and said “cheese.”  When that did not rouse her, he said “Nonnie pretty.”  OMG, really? What a man!

IMG_5573skinny man with tattoo 

I know I am missing seven hundred other little stories to tell, but I cannot remember them all now.  I have been sick with another sinus infection, and now Matthew has it.  So far, so good, for the boys.  Fingers crossed, knock wood, and all that jazz.  The multivitamins we started them on after their two-year checkup seems to have minimized their colds recently.  Again, knock wood.  I just got a message today that Raleigh is due for a cardiologist appointment.  Ugh!  I hate those.  I like living in denial that there is anything wrong with our perfect little angels.  Nonetheless, it is always good to hear the good news that everything is going well. 

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