Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

mother's day 2010

We had a great day celebrating Mother’s Day 2010. I seriously cannot believe this is my third Mother’s Day as a mom.  Truly a blessing!  It started a bit early, yet again, as the boys are trying to start a new trend of getting up before 7, of course, we are not excited about this trend.  However, the boys, all three of them, quickly went downstairs and I was happy to fall back asleep.  About 10 am, Matthew worked up enough nerve to come upstairs and ask me if I was ready to get up.  Luckily, there was a fresh cup of coffee waiting for me when I finally made my way downstairs;) After a lazy morning just hanging with the boys, my mom and I went for a quick shopping trip and coffee break.  Then we headed to my parents house for dinner with the boys after their three and half hour nap – yes, the early start at least means they are sleeping long during naptime!

We enjoyed a great meal. Lobster for me, and steak and lobster for everyone else.  The boys liked the lobster, but we only gave them a bit as we did not want to see too much richness come out in their diapers tomorrow! My favorite part of the day, yes, even better than a rare sleep in, was hearing the boys say “Happy Mommy’s Day” over and over all day.  Most of the time they said “happy day” which was also cute, but when they said all of it together I just melted a little bit. 

rals and mommy gus with mommy 2010

YES, I AM SO HAPPY! gnr kisses for mother's day 2010 nonnie flowersgus and nons  me and mom  

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to enjoy a little pre-mother’s day tea party.  The tea house was in an awesome location, and was nicely decorated, but man, the service was awful and we are pretty sure all of the food was frozen, pre-made product!  It gives my mom a lot of hope though because the women who started the tea house have been in business four years, and are able to make it with appointment only high tea service, and the food/service was mediocre at best, so hopefully my mom and Crystal will have a lot more success.  Love you mom, and a big Happy Mother’s Day to Christine, my favorite mother-in-law too!  As usual…your pressie is in the mail.  XOXO

me and mom pre-mother's day 2010 rose cottage tea (5) tea time mother's day prep (14) ybor (10)

A look back at last year’s Mother’s Day is always fun too, click here.  Wow, the boys are really becoming little boys, but of course, they will always be my little babies!

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  1. Sounds like the perfect Mother's Day! That pic of you in the middle with the boys each giving you a kiss is precious!


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