Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blueberries and Big Boy Beds

blueberries!  YUMMO
Today the boys had a blast.  We started bright and early and headed to a blueberry festival.  It was awesome!  Next year we will be back, but even earlier so we make sure we have prime picking of the blueberry bushes.  It was hot, dirty, and fun!  The boys had a blast.  They were quick to inhale the blueberries off the bush, and not too helpful with putting berries into our bags, but they still had fun.  The boys and I did some exploring of the grounds while Daddy picked for us.  The berries are so awesomely good!  The boys saw the bounce houses as we made our way to the field, and once we had our fill of fresh off the bush berries, we headed back to try the bounce houses out.  Amazingly, they were very brave, and tough, even amidst some really big kids.  Gus was the bravest.  He made it through all three of the different bounce houses/obstacle courses.  Once we finally caught back up with Daddy we had some blueberry shortcake, served by the local queens.  I don’t remember their exact titles, but the boys thought they were princesses.  It was cute to watch them interact with them and check them out! 
gus - happy blueberrry man bouncing boys blueberries!  blueberry shortcake!  gnr picking blueberries  gus goes down with some reandom (5) gus, the fearless wonder! (3)raleigh's turn! (3) let's go bro! (2) let's go bro! (4) picking and eating, eating and picking! rals happy chappy, after he was lost!   gnr with plant city queens
Later in the day, after naps, Nonnie was kind enough to pick the boys up and take them to a five year olds’ birthday party.  I have no idea how much fun they had, but I am sure it was a lot.  They came back wired up.  Matthew and I had spent the entire afternoon cleaning out the garage, so we were pretty wiped.  The fun part was that the boys came back to big boy beds.  Yup, Matthew pushed me to give in to the toddler bed conversion.  They were super excited to see them and were giddy with excitement.  Unfortunately, right was I was about to help Rals into his new bed, he started burping strangely, and then I heard and saw what was coming. Lots and lots of cake, on me, Rals, his blanket, his puppy dog, and the carpet. Ugh!  Well, at least it was just because of all the goodies from the party, maybe too many blueberries, and he was perfectly fine.  After a nice hot shower for both of us, he was ready for bed again.  Matthew, meanwhile, was busy steam cleaning their carpet and Gus got to watch some Backyardigans - a real treat!  Needless to say, they were up way past bedtime, but after a fifteen minute cry for mommy-fest, they were out.  So far, so good.  Here we go, again, they are growing up before our eyes!  We’ll report back to see how this newest adventure goes.
big boy beds!rals first sees his big boy bed

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  1. As always, those boys make me smile! Too cute!!! And love tha Blueberry Festival. My boys helped pick berries, but I believe Ethan at a pound as he was stuffing our bucket! And YEAH for free bounce houses. That was an added bonus!!!


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