Friday, May 28, 2010

Awesome Park & a Bit of Reflection

So, the week has been challenging.  The boys have been pushing boundaries and taking advantage of the fact that there is only one of me, and two of them.  Amazing that it has actually taken this long, so I know I am lucky, and must now learn new techniques from all my great MoM and singleton mommy friends.  I get frustrated, but try not to show it, because then it is really over.  However, today, despite their boundary “expeditions,” (aka not listening) I also remembered why I love these guys so much.  They are fearless and willing to try new things, and do it with such happy dispositions.  We are truly blessed, and I need to stop whining about how hard the “terrible” two’s are!


Here are a few videos and pictures.  Enjoy!


gus is off and rearing to go (3) gus making music gus, thinking of what to do next IMG_8020  IMG_8031IMG_8034  rals spinning fast and loving it!!!! (2)






rals enjoying the freedomrals the wild cowboy too cute! boys see a monarch butterfly resting spot cool slide! (2) gus spider man IMG_7975

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