Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

We’ve had a jam packed weekend already, and we still have a BBQ tonight to go.  The boys are passed out now; they fell asleep promptly at 12:30 today after two solid days of fighting naps hard core.  Saturday they skipped naps entirely:(  Although, they did fall asleep at 6:30 that night and slept a solid 13 hours thereafter.  The joys of toddler beds at times.  They get overtired then play WWF with each other, and then they really get overtired and it becomes a vicious cycle.  As my mom is quick to point out, I NEVER napped, so any naps should be a blessing for me!

Daddy wanted to head to Busch Gardens – yes, again – yesterday.  We made it in earlier and were home by noon. It was just enough time to explore the Edge of Africa area and ride the gondola.  Our friend Miss Kim used to work in that area and was the first to show us it, too. Now, it is one of my most favorite parts to explore.  Lots of room for the boys to run “free” without too many people or places to escape to, or cause too much trouble in. I think their favorite part is the trucks they can climb in and out of, but hay, they are having fun, so who cares if it is not always with watching the animals.  The boys had a great time of course, and we really beat the lines of people by getting in and out early.  Wow, I have never seen the parking lot so packed!
   daddy and gus see something, perhaps boobies... flamingo on parade;) flower with a bug on it
Meerkat on lookout above a pile of sleeping meerkats (on the left)meerkats! (2)hyena with a bone, too bad for scratched glassgus watches the hyena eat  gus watching african flamingos (3)love the views
Rals hangs out with the hippo bums behind himrals points to the hippo bums!rals pulling gus down the tracks..
Nonnie came back from her vacation this weekend, too.  The boys were happy to have their Handy Nonnie back, and were little helpers with their screwdrivers in full force “fixing” her bathroom.  I love that Gus cannot keep his tongue in his mouth when he is “working.” It is kind of how you can never keep your mouth closed when you apply mascara, right?
rals screws with determination gus tongue out while screwing, is it like putting on mascara..gus sheer determination face  The boys practicing yoga.
yoga timeOutdoor fun with new soccer balls.  Gus wanted to kick it through the goal, but Rals, well, he wanted to just throw it.
gus mid kick   rals throw in with abs of steelgus plays soccer (2)  chug and spit.. (2)chug and spit..  
Pool boys!
pool boy
     gus chilling underwaterrals chillaxin (2)our fishie
rals hanging, jcrew ad;)

In other news, Raleigh’s language still continues to build.  He constructs simple sentences pretty regularly now.  Augustus continues to try.  He really knows all of his colors and both are counting to three easily.  By counting, I mean pointing and counting too, not just repeating, one, two, three.  We headed to Ikea with the boys this weekend as well and it was cool to see Gus run to the different colored couches and tell us what color they were.  Raleigh was happy to hang with the sheep and cow skins, and even pulled a sheep skin down around his back and tried to put it on like a cape, and said “Super Bunny.”  His imagination is always going.  Everything has a dual purpose for lots of fun and play.  The rest of the week will be busy as well with Daddy on vacation.  We are super excited to take the boys on a full fledged fire station tour as well.  The bonus is that Uncle Tommy and cousin Alexander arrive late this week, too!  The boys will love having an older play friend around for sure!

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