Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Future Busch Gardeners?

gnr - future workers at BG

Today we headed to Busch Gardens.  I figure before it gets totally too humid and crowded, we should make as many trips as we can, even if I am not feeling 100% well.  I have been on antibiotics so at least I won’t infect anyone.  The boys still show no sign of sickness, and Matthew seems to be moving along just fine, and was definitely better today than yesterday.  We met up with some twin friends, including Miss A & J who turned one today.  How fun! I would say they had a great birthday!  We all had a great time and everyone was on their best behavior, so it made it a much more pleasant experience.  The only tears from my boys were when a fight almost erupted over landscaping equipment.  The boys stumbled upon a rake and a broom that someone left out and of course in true form, they started cleaning up the brush.  It was too cute.  These boys are such good helpers!  However, Gus decided it was his turn to rake, and the fighting began.  We just moved on, but all in all, they were on their best behavior.  Yay!  gnr - future workers at BG (2)

We finally checked out the splash area in the new Sesame Street part of the park.  It was good fun, and even with all the various ages, no one seemed to be run over.  It will be interesting to see what happens when school is out and more older kids are out and about.  teamworkmuscle men (2)gus happy in the waterrals shower!

The boys also went on the carousal and tried out the airplanes.  Raleigh was just under the 36 inch mark, so he had to ride with me, but Gus was able to fly solo.  These were different planes than our last adventure rides, but he was still able to get the plane up and down again, and boy, did he have fun! 

gus flies by himself (2)      rals and gus see a flamingo 

Yesterday we hit the pool and the boys were swimming like fish.  Raleigh is seriously the happiest child I have EVER seen in the pool.  He loves to go under water.  Here is a short video of him swimming in just about a foot and a half of water.  No matter where he is, he is under and trying to swim.  Love it!  Unfortunately for him, the water is still a bit cool, and that coupled with his low body fat, makes for quick swimming because he gets cold so easily. Good thing there is an awesome park at the pool to warm up at. 

Raleigh Swims

raleigh starts to swim

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  1. Love how they picked up the rake and broom to help, that is adorable! And what a good swimmer Rals is!! Love it!


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