Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was a great day as usual. I enjoy Mother's Day every day as I know how extremely lucky I am to be a mom, and how lucky we are to have such beautiful, strong, smart young men too:) We did the usual Sunday morning routine, taking the boys to Nonnie & Pickles. It was a great Mother's Day for my mommy too;) She has missed the boys while the other grandies were in town, but got a full morning of fun with the boys & an evening doing a cookout here tonight.

The boys are exhausted & are sleeping. Matthew made a great cake for both my mom & I; our favorite - white cake with butter cream frosting. The boys got me a funny card this year, and it made me remember last year when my mom & Matthew both got me the same card for my first Mother's Day.

A big Happy Mother's Day to Nannie Chris as well. She was in flight most of the day so we missed talking to her, but hope she liked her card with pictures of the boys in it:)

Here are few pics from today & a flashback to last year. What a difference - seriously, how cute are these boys, especially now that they have all the hair. Does Nonnie not look FABULOUS or what???!!!

Raleigh - Mother's Day 2008, not even 2 months old

Augustus Mother's Day 2008 - I remember it fondly as it was the day he did his first real smile, not just a gas smile. Today, both boys said "mum mum" to me, not just gibberish talk:)
Gus, Me, Nonnie & Raleigh (he was not too happy at this point with the picture taking!)

Mother's Day 2009, Gus, Me, Nonnie & Raleigh


  1. I hope you had a great Mother's Day, Brooke!

  2. and you look great too :) Happy Mother's Day!!!


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