Friday, May 1, 2009

Nanny & Poppy are Here!

Raleigh - sheer joy to get to the splash park!!

Poppy trying to hold Rals back! Gus, well, guess what, he's drinking the water!
Gus - sheer bliss at the water park!

The boys in front of the tank watching the scuba diver:)

Nannie with Gus

Us outside the aquarium, we saw all these news stations there that day, and later found out they were doing a story on a swingers cruise that was coming into port. Ha, pretty sure one of those swingers took this photo:)

It has been a very busy week since Nanny & Poppy arrived. Thus, no blogging. We've had a great meal tonight & although we've had cocktails, this is pretty much the first time I've had time to blog so I am taking advantage.

Today, Raleigh has had his six month checkup since his last cardiologist appointment. It was not a very eventful appointment since he was not up to getting poked and prodded today. We'll go back in another six months and he will have to have a sedated echo and EKG. He had great blood oxygen levels (99s and 100s) and his heart sounded find via the stethoscope only, but he was so upset that doing the readings by machine would have likely been with skewed results. Poor babies are both scarred with all their visits to the doctor getting Synergist shots.
Prior to the appointment today, we had the babies out to lunch at our favorite beach spot. They did really well, especially watching the people, or more specifically the women in their bikinis. Gus & Raleigh are SO like their daddy & poppy! They slept really well today too. This was after two days of trying to get the boys to do only one nap, an afternoon nap. The boys were well entertained during the morning going to another play club, and the aquarium, but they were so hard to keep up even until 11:30 in the morning. Then they were cranky the rest of the day so it was not worth it! I don't know who was more stressed about it...the boys or me! It is so hard to see your boys not doing well.

Here are a few pictures of the week thus far. Tomorrow we go for another photo shoot with the talented Ms. Gagne, so look for those next week sometime:)

Gus all smiles with Nannie in the swing
Out to lunch with Nannie & Nonnie

Raleigh laying down at the "computer" HILARIOUS!

Gus headbutting Daddy & Raleigh with a cheesy smile

Raleigh giving Daddy a cuddle! He even cuddled Willow this morning!

Augustus, drinking from the bottom of his pool...

Raleigh, um, what can I say, he is prepared, and happy:)

Raleigh, with a serious march in his step at the play room we visited

Augustus on a new toy at the play room

VIDEO of Raleigh walking outside...getting so good:) So cute in his yoga pants & Poppy's hat!
An actual penguin biting Gus' shoe. Pretty cool, but does this make me a bad mommy to let them get this close? Hm, still think it is pretty cool experience:)

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  1. I think you're a FABULOUS Mommy and I bet many people would agree with me :) BTW, love the blog, keep it coming!


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