Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a couple of Wild & Wacky Weeks!

The boys turned 14 months yesterday. Really? Where does the time go? The past few weeks have been full of vomit & snot and lots of time indoors; which can make anyone a bit crazy:) The boys got a cold a little over a week ago, and of course I caught it too. Luckily Dad did not because he had surgery scheduled for last Thursday. He is doing fine & went back to work today. Unfortunately, no heavy lifting for Dad for a few weeks. And yes, the boys count as "heavy lifting."

That means Nonnie is on overtime helping us out. Of course, Pickles is helping too, but Nonnie has been here for every nighttime bath & bedtime since Thursday. Thank goodness! With me being sick I don't know what we would have done without her! Luckily, the boys have fell into a better routine. Maybe it is their colds, or maybe it is the fact that I refuse to wake up with them at 5am without Dad able to help out to give me a few minutes of sanity during the day, but whatever it was, the "rooster" has been quiet and has not been waking up until closer to 7am. Yay!! They are still falling asleep around 9am for their morning naps too. They are amazing; sleep almost 11 or 12 hours, then up for breakfast & a play, and then back to bed. Ah, what a life. They are still taking an afternoon nap too. I was stressing about them moving to one afternoon nap so we could get out of the house easier and continue to play with our friends who have all moved to one nap, but they are on a good schedule now. We'll just roll with it. At least I still have Moms' Night Out with the multiples group I am in.
Here are a few pictures of my fabulous Mom, Nonnie Boni, before the appreciation lunch for my mom's group. Not enough of a thank you, but it was a start! Plus, the food was amazing!!!

Despite their colds the boys have been full of energy too. Of course the pictures at the top confirms they have been sleeping pretty hard too:) They pretty much don't stop until they drop before nap or bed.
I am happy to report their second official word is "moo." I know it is more of a sound, but I am counting it as a word since they know what it is, and say it when you ask them "what does a cow say?" They will find their cow & say "moo." The video below (PRESS PLAY) shows how they say "moo."

Both Raleigh & Augustus shared some lovely vomit on me this past week too. Raleigh did so right after eating dinner one night. I pretty much caught it as he sat in his highchair. Poor baby. Then Augustus had an awful reaction to his allergy medicine one night & vomitted his bottle all over me. It really soaked me through! I know, too much information, but this is our life...so you are getting to hear the good & the bad if you are still reading;) The night Augustus "got sick" was pretty tough. His medicine has been helping with his rash, so we now think it is probably an allergic reaction to something. That night he was already upset with his head cold and me trying to suction out his snot, and it just set off the stimulant in the allergy medicine. We have since stopped the medicine & plan on working on his allergies with our pediatrician or an allergist. The poor guy would not settle down and was up until after 9pm. Matthew called the doctor & she recommended Motrin; he finally settled down after we gave him the Motrin. It was awful for him & us! Again, Daddy was out of commission so I was trying to settle him & Raleigh, who of course woke up with all his brother's screaming. Thankfully, Nonnie came back over to help out too.

In other random updates, Augustus loves to give Raleigh hugs, but alas, Raleigh does not really like it and usually screams! They both are "reading" books. It is really the only time they sit still when they are in their play room. They can find their "kitty" book if you ask them to. They are starting to work out the signs in their board books showing them how to sign different things. They of course have telephone down, and pig, and flower. They made up their own sign for drink & eat. Raleigh sucks his lip and smacks to mean I am thirsty, and Gus opens his mouth and closes it to simulate eating. Gus also does the sign for moon which is cute because it is a little harder to understand since they only see the moon in their books. They understand all the words, and can point to the objects, but have not fully put the signs together, but I really can see it is clicking to them now; whereas, before it was just another book I was reading them. Gus has moved away from his wobbly walk and is now running with Raleigh. Climbing is still so much fun for the boys too. They can both climb onto the green chair in their playroom & are so proud about it! We are still working on climbing down...and I swear Raleigh has no fear sometimes, he just walks off the chair, lands on his head and keeps going. Other times he is as timid as can be, gentle poking something until he works up enough nerve to fully touch or go in it. Thankfully, their appetite returned last night. I hope that means they are turning the corner with their cold & will soon be snot-free;)

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  1. Awwww sounds like you guys have had a rough go of it for the last few weeks! We have all been sick here too. There is nothing worse than when mommy is sick! I am so glad your mom has been there to help! Do they live in Florida too?? The boys are so cute!! And wow, 14 months huh?! They grow too fast don't they?? Great update and I hope everyone continues to get better!!


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