Friday, May 15, 2009

Cute shirts for twins & other random updates!

Guess who???

If you cannot read the fine print of the shirts, they say "Good looks courtesy of Mom" and "Charm courtesy of Dad." How cute are they? Thanks to Nannie & Poppy for finding these shirts!

I am having more and more difficulty doing updates...although I am sure many of you still are amazed at how much updating I can do with these little ones; especially after spending some time with these busy boys;) I am doing this as part journal for memories/keepsakes, and partly to update family & friends who are so far away:(
Speaking of memories, I found my pregnancy journal today, or rather Raleigh uncovered it in a stack of magazines taking up space in our end table. Thanks Raleigh:) I am so happy to have the information to reflect on, so I hope the boys enjoy the blog one day too.

Any who...we went to the aquarium this week with Nonnie - her first trip. We also met our friends Ellie & Conner & of course their cool mommy there too. We arrived late as usual, but we made it nonetheless. After a quick spin inside we at lunch and then went out to the boys favorite spot - the splash park. This was after spending a few hours & Nonnie & Pickles pools this week as well. I think they enjoyed their pools even more then ours. Probably has to do with all the area to run around in. Yes, I said run around. Raleigh is pretty close to being able to take off running, although he tumbles around like a drunken sailor every now & again too. Gus still walks with his chin tucked in and belly out - which is too cute for words to describe so I included a few pictures below! He has made fast improvements in the last two weeks though & will be running soon too:)

Favorite new things they are doing:
  • Raleigh laughs all the time, this fake laugh that is just contagious.
  • They both love to pick anything they can up & walk around with it. Especially if the other one wants it...then they walk around like penguins with their arms down trying to hide the object from the other one.
  • They walk around non-stop. Totally wears them out! I just giggle as they walk around like caged animals, then we go out to explore & it is funny to watch one of them do something, knowing full well that the other one will be right behind him to do it too. They take turns being the "leader."
  • Practicing signing a few things. They get what I mean when I sign certain things to them, but they have yet to master how to do the actions themselves. They love their new sign books that they can see the baby in the book signing & the picture of the animal, etc., that they are trying to emulate. Thanks Mel for the heads up on those books!
  • Eating items without being cut up, like toast & big pieces of watermelon & such. They tried fresh avocado yesterday & Gus ate almost a whole half of an avocado. Raleigh - not so much!

What they are doing that is not so fun:

  • Still biting! Mostly Raleigh as a defense mechanism, but also as a sign of affection. Hope these molars break through soon! I am sure the defensive biting will continue until they find another way to stop each other from doing what they want.
Raleigh - on a mission from one pool to the other!
Gus drinking the water...

Gus with his funny belly walk!

Rals, Nonnie, Pickles & Gus - & YES, they keep these hats on most of the time. We found if we put them in bigger hats they will keep them on. Just a hint to try if your baby will not keep his/her hat on;)

Rals & Gus. Gus on a mission!

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  1. guys are busy!! But that's good...keeps the boys happy and tired at night! LOL!! They are so adorable Brooke!! And getting so big! It looks like they really love the water!!! Thanks for updating!


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