Friday, May 8, 2009

Sad Goodbyes, but Man Did the Boys have FUN!

This morning Nannie & Poppy headed back to Oz. The boys are napping, so they won't know it for a while. It sure gets harder each time, particularly with the boys. The good news is that we will all have another adventure with them again in a few months, and this time with Auntie Peta too:)

The boys have a great new routine in the morning thanks to Nannie & Poppy that we will continue on with. They get up (EARLY) and play of course, then eat a HUGE breakfast, including Vegemite on toast; they even tried meat paste this morning (don't ask), and then they go for a nice walk in the neighborhood, and then back for a morning nap. They also love their new bean bags from Nonnie & Pickles, very comfy place for a bottle or a climb & a cuddle.

The past week the boys have been very busy. They have been to the Tomato Festival, the zoo, shopping, out to eat, and all sorts of fun places. They even had another beach photo shoot with the talented Kerri Gagne ( Today we are planning on having a lazy day until we do dinner with Nannie & Grandpa Pickles. I am sure the other grandies miss the boys too!
Kerri Gagne Photography - Peterson/Hamilton Grandparents Lido Beach

Here are a few of our own shots taken at the zoo, our favorite restaurant down the road and at the Tomato Festival - including the video below of the boys on their first horsie rides!!!

Raleigh standing up in the pool now

Poppy - holding back tears before they left:( Good news is that we'll see you really soon!

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  1. it has to be hard leaving those two cutie pies! Tomato Festival? Where???


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