Sunday, June 21, 2009


(Gus, Dad, Rals)

Today is Father's Day, well, it is in the U.S. anyway. Happy, Happy Father's Day to Matthew & Pickles and of course my brother who is a new dad to his second son, Kaine, born this last week. Exciting for him & all the other father's we know out there & love too. Of course, Happy Father's Day to Poppy as well, but we'll celebrate with him on the Australian day.

We had a great day with the boys & daddy. Plus, we ate dinner with my dad (Grandpa Pickles) and mom (Nonni Boni). After waking daddy up early we went for a ride to get a great cup of coffee from Starbucks. Then we put the boys down for a nap & when they woke up we fed them quick & headed to IKEA. Yay! It was dad's idea, so I was really happy!!! It was our first trip to the new store. Lots & lots of ideas in there.

Here is a picture of Matty trying on the towels at IKEA...too cute:)
The boys "mooed" when they saw the real & true cow hides in the store as well. They totally freaked me out, but the boys were not phased & mooed away!

Then the boys came home for a nice long nap. When they woke up we headed to Nonni & Pickle's house. They had fun of course. In particular they were having a ball jumping on the couch. Raleigh got some good air;) Then we took a ride to try to calm them down...alas, that did not work, but we have some good clips of the little laughing boys tackling, jumping, and just all in all, having an excellent time with each other. After weeks of being sick with ear infections and a chest cold that just seems to never go away, it was good to see them smile & hear their infectious laughs. We are all looking forward to seeing "Auntie" Kristy and cousin Annie this upcoming weekend, so it is good to see the boys are taking a turn to feeling better. Plus, almost all of their first four molars have come through or are just about to, so hopefully the cranky teeth problem will have almost passed as well.

Press "PLAY" to see the boys in action, tackling each other & laughing hysterically.

Press "PLAY" again to see the boys having a ball. Honestly, Raleigh (in red) is up to NO good here even though he is giving him a hug...he just was so excited, but all he wanted to do was bite Augustus, and he got him for a second time today on the leg. Poor pumpkin!

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