Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Heart Party for All Children's Hospital!

Yesterday was an awesome day. We went to the Happy Heart Party in St. Petersburg to benefit All Children's Hospital and celebrate being a cardiac patient of All Kids in the past. Plus, Taste of Pinellas was going on too. We had all we could eat at the Heart Party for we did not eat much at the TOP, but it was still good. It was a beautiful day on the water. Of course it was hot & sunny, but the park had plenty of shade and the breeze was perfect - plus, no humidity! We went with Grandpa Pickles & Nonnie Bonnie, and of course Dad joined too;) Happy Christening Day to "cousin" Annie too. We wish we could have been there & cannot wait to see pictures:)
It was so great to see Drs. Martinez & Dadlani, and our favorite nurse, nurse Peggy. Dr. Martinez was the doctor who diagnosed Raleigh's condition while he was still in Sarasota's NICU and ordered him to be transported to All Kids. Dr. Dadlani was our cardiologist while in the hospital and was seriously one of the best doctors; he always took the time to explain everything in detail, but in detail we could understand! Nurse Peggy, well she did a lot of nursing for Raleigh, but almost more importantly, was a big emotional help to Matthew while he was at All Kids and I was in Sarasota still waiting to be discharged. She is truly amazing and we are so blessed to know nurse Peggy and have been cared by her!!!

Here are two pictures with Nurse Peggy. First with Raleigh on the day he got to come home (4/12/08). And then with Raleigh for the first time since we left All Kids. Needless to say, Rals sure has changed!

Grandpa Pickles with Rals & Gus - the best high chair we could ask for;)
Raleigh running with his new puppy that even barks. He just started the sign language for puppy the night before...which is basically to pant like a dog. SO CUTE!! I will have to get a video of course;)

Beautiful location, no?

Augustus was looking on at Raleigh getting hugs from Peggy...he wanted one too. Raleigh getting ice cream from the grandies. Only the grandies can get away with it!

Augustus showing off his new shirt by me, which says "my heart belongs to All Children's Hospital." Really we love that place & always will! Raleigh watching the weirdo clown that was trying to get in our pictures.

Video (PRESS PLAY) of the boys walking the 'hood. This is NOT our please do not judge (Matthew would be mortified by anyone thinking it is our grass). It is the easement to our little pond.

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  1. OMG...I just cried! My heart belongs to All Kids...I love it! Super sweet! And what a nice nurse and doctors you had there!!! I'm so glad you were able to go and show off those beautiful babies of yours all grown up at 1yo :)


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