Friday, July 10, 2009

The Story of the Ghost Cows

Sorry for the delay in blogging…if anyone is even reading – no comments in a while folks - except T who is a blogger like me, so thank you T! I have been reading the Twilight series and it has pretty much consumed all my free time in the last week and a half. Love it!

We recently had a visit from our favorite girl, Annie!

The boys just loved and adored her as much as we do. She is absolutely beautiful, and has just as pretty blue eyes as the boys, although they are a different color blue. Look out in a few years there boys! The boys even went to the airport to pick her up and were trying to hug her in her stroller, and steal some of her toys too! My best friend in the whole world, Kristy, and her mom also came for the trip. We had so much fun, but realized that maybe when we want some girl time we may need to pick a trip without the babies…but that is almost impossible to do! I am sure it will get easier as the kids grow up to get some more mommy time in on our trips. We wished they lived closer, but are just so happy to see them whenever we can!

My favorite story besides the boys just trying to cuddle Annie like she was one of their stuffed animals is that Kristy came up with the term “ghost cows” for the boys since their “moos” for cows, are really more like “boos” now. It is too much! However, the boys are able to say of course “mum-mum” which Raleigh says at least 500 times a day, and they also say dad, Non Non, Pa Pa for Grandpa Pickles – which sounds very similar to their sign language for fish…but they also say mine, na for no, my mum-mum (Raleigh says this a lot - as he has become a very big momma’s boy), quack for duck, baa for sheep when they feel like it, and Gus tries to say truck but it comes out more like nuck.

They got a new clubhouse for inside, but alas, they are fighting too much over it to let it be a staple of the playroom. They also don’t quite get sliding down the slide yet, so I am going to give it another try in a month or so. Here is a picture of the boys showing some brotherly love!
We’ve been to the aquarium a few times and have been in the pool to stay cool too. The boys love the water so much, but we really need to start swimming lessons soon! They think they can do anything in there and are a hand full indeed! They are still working on all four of their first molars and it is a big pain for them. They are not eating very well…which means they have been waking up hungry on many nights. They are eating a lot of applesauce and yogurt, but don’t really like munching on anything hard. They loved the meatballs from IKEA though so we are trying them to get them to eat something a little more filling. Any ideas out there from you other mommas who have gone through this? I hate to break out the blender for more “baby” food, but we may have to if they don’t start eating better soon! Our fourth of July was very quiet this year. The boys just don’t do well staying up. We still had an all American BBQ to celebrate the boys American side;) They love hot dogs and baked beans, but the beans do not love them!

Here is a gorgeous picture of our newest cousin, Kaine Martin. Isn’t he divine?

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  1. Hi Brooke,
    I read you blog at least two or three times a week to see what you and the boys are up to, and their gramma. I especially like the videos you post. They are soooo funny. I've been wondering what your mom's been up to; pool party!


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