Thursday, July 30, 2009

Parks, Aquariums, Play dates, Oh My! Bonus, Cat Video that will Make Anyone Laugh!!! We Caught the Kitty...

We are keeping busy this week with Nonnie and Pickles out of town visiting their newest grandson, Kaine, and their first grandson, Alexander. Seriously, I don't think the boys have spent much time in their play room at all. They are having more fun chasing the cats and climbing everything in the house. Please be sure to check out the video of the boys loving the cat. Willow's face is priceless; don't worry, no animals were injured in the making of this video. They sure love him;) Press play!
We went to our new favorite park again this week, even though it was over 90 degrees out. This park is great for multiples because it is fully fenced – a must for two 16 month olds prone to running different directions and not always listening to their mommies! Not only does the park have a fence around it, there is a secondary park area for little ones that is also fenced in and it is almost all shaded. Here are a few pictures. The boys were too cute for words; they had most of the parents at the park cracking up. They just ran from one thing to another, and would throw their arms up asking “where” when we heard airplanes. They are still working on going down slides on their own and walking back down the steps of the jungle gyms, but all in all it was a very successful trip to the park by ourselves.

We also made it to the aquarium by ourselves and had a blast taking our time looking at everything. We even managed to not get wet during the rain that was in the area…perfect timing that day. The boys were let free for all of five minutes by the giant aquarium - see the picture and below that is a picture of the boys checking out the alligators!

Yesterday we had another twinkie play date with some of our favorite twin friends, but we missed the friends and moms of those who were too sick or sore to make it:( The boys cooperated with one nap yesterday so a morning play date worked out perfectly! Augustus had his “momma’s boy” moments, but no screaming fits when I tried to put him down to play. That is good. They really are funny how they are in a stage fighting for my affection. Seriously, how many 16 month olds do you know who say “MY mommy?” Tomorrow we are heading to the aquarium with our favorite identical twin boys. I know I will be tired by the weekend; however, hopefully the boys have lots of energy for daddy!!! They have been having a ton of fun with daddy playing outside when he gets home from work. It is perfect timing as they finish dinner and basically get to go outside to get hosed down from the mess they made;)

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  1. the cat video! HA...oh and the froggy outfits! Ethan needs one! Where did you get them? Too cute!!!


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