Friday, August 7, 2009

Water Babies for Sure! Update on our Fun Week!

We are still keeping busy, despite this ridiculous summer heat and humidity. The boys are old enough to play in the spa with one adult and they are loving it! Most mornings we are outside for at least an hour running around the patio and then finishing off in the spa. Here is a short video of Raleigh blowing bubbles in the water and then clapping for himself! We are starting swim lessons soon. The instructor helped friends of ours with two year old twins and they are doing awesome swimming! Cannot wait to see our little fish swim too;)

Today we had a play date at the aquarium. The boys slept over 12 hours straight without a peep, and slept in until 7:45, so we went without a morning nap. They were pretty cranky, but still managed a few smiles. I think they were just sooooo tired from such a busy week.

Plus, they were up much later then usual Tuesday at a great night out to see a bunch of trucks. Yesterday they did a lot of napping trying to catch back up on sleep, and today they just needed more sleep too. Here are a few pictures from the event at a friends neighborhood. The boys loved the fire trucks, of course. The firefighters just thought they were too cute when Gus & Raleigh would make noises like a fire truck. These boys cannot say a lot, but they sure can mimic noises and make just about everyone laugh while doing it! They also did a lot of sign language, the best one was when they were hopping up and down in their stroller looking like they were riding a horse as we approached the big horsie! All the boys who were there really enjoyed running wild around the park as well. It is too bad we found out our friends D&C have allergies. I bet all that grass and pine trees did not help that!

This past weekend we took the boys out to breakfast and as always, they were amazingly well behaved. Then we went to the park and played in the pool too. Busy day, but a great way to end the weekend together as a family. Fun, fun, fun!!!

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  1. your kids are so stinkin' cute!!! I love the pictures and the blog and the events you did this week. Gesh, they sure are cute...did I already say that? hehehe


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