Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wrestle Mania II

Tonight we were able to catch up with the cousins, Alexander the Great and baby Kaine. They traveled a long way, and were tired, but we were so glad to see them! Alexander has been so excited to see Gus and "Wally" since he saw the wrestling video of the boys a few weeks back. He has been dying to wrestle with his little buddies! The last time he saw them, the boys were 7 months old, and not that much fun for a four year old! So tonight, we were at Nonnie and Pickle's house, and got his chance. SO CUTE - check this out!!!

The boys tag teaming Alex

Of course the boys were so keyed up that they still wanted to wrestle after we got home...and had to feed them another dinner because they had exercised so much with AJ. Here is another video of them in the bath continuing the wrestling theme!!! Press play

On another front, we started swim lessons yesterday, well, not me, but Augustus and Raleigh did. The boys are being taught in our pool and they are working on the infant swim for survival method. The instructor is fabulous, but it is hard to watch the boys being thrown in to the deep end, so to speak. It is the best thing for them though. This course will prepare them for the unexpected and will even teach them not to freak out if they fall in with all their clothes on by doing just that when they have mastered a few more skills! On day two, Raleigh was able to successfully float on his own. Augustus did really well kicking and getting to the side for safety, but sucked in a ton of water. I think we may have better luck with whoever goes first, because the second to go has to watch his brother struggle and gets a bit scared!

Picture of Raleigh getting to the edge

Picture of Augustus working on floating

Raleigh in Auntie Peta's surf shirt, so cute!!!

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