Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hair cut is just weird.

So, I chopped a bit of Gus' hair of the sides a couple of days ago. I was very impressed that daddy knew it immediately and asked if they got hair cuts despite being greeted by a house full of people when he got home from work. Kudos to daddy! It really looks weird though. He is still cute as a bug, but it does not look like Gus. :( He looks like a real little boy. Sniff, sniff. Here are a few picture, although it was right after swim lessons so his hair is wet, but you get my drift I am sure. Raleigh got his hair cut too, but his was not as long and wild on the sides, so just a bit of his bangs, and he looks about the same. Anyway, that is all I had to say today.

Press play to see Rals boogie

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