Monday, August 17, 2009

What We Have Been Up To...

Gus and Raleigh - the aquarium November 15, 2008
Can you believe we still fit into these???

The boys have been wearing these size 12 month Ralph Lauren outfits since they were about 7 months old, and they still fit. You can really see how much they have thinned down. Just getting taller by the day!! Plus, lots and lots more hair;)

The boys were supposed to start swimming lessons today, but they both had a funky stomach flu that lasted about 24 hours and honestly, impacted Daddy and me harder than them! They got sick a few times, and that was it. Matthew and I were laid out for about 8 hours each and still don’t feel too hot. Life with babies!!! Seriously, sometimes I wish I could put them in a little bubble, but I know it is so important to stimulate them outside the house and socializing with other kids, so we’ll take the good with the bad.

We made it to Nonnie & Pickles pool this week. I still cannot believe how much the boys have grown since the last time we went. Seriously, the last time we were afraid they were going under every time they fell in the kiddie pool. This time around, they can actually run in the water without falling...much. When they did get too fast for their feet, they were well above the water line. Yay! The boys also had a play date with other "twinkies" at a great park that we had not been to before. Unfortunately, I got a ticket on the way there...but we still had fun.

Friday we met up with our twin buddies D&C for a little shopping excursion at IKEA. I let the boys out in the food court to hang out at the cool little table and that is probably where they picked up the latest bug. They were so good though, they did not run away, and had a good time sitting in big boy chairs. When we move to the new house we plan on getting them their own little table and chairs. We made it to our friend Mikey’s bowling birthday party on Saturday before they got sick. They had fun and Mikey was such a doll to his little buddies!

Rals looking quite the professional bowler with his hair being whipped by the ball machine!

Augustus trying to fly off mommy!

Gus & Rals - how cute are they in their shirts???

Today was lots of laying low, doing a little texting (see picture below). They got outside just long enough for Mommy to make a Starbucks’s run; which I guess that is a good sign I am feeling better. They also got to run around for a few minutes and eat Popsicles. That was lots of fun!
Raleigh was not happy when his Popsicle was gone!!!

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