Sunday, August 9, 2009

Welcome Home Grandpa Pickles!

Today the boys were delighted to see Grandpa Pickles back home. The video would not load on Blogger but did load on YouTube, so use this link to watch the video!
I have to say that this proves how wonderful he really is. Not only does he do an impression of the worlds biggest chicken, but he does not even mind that his paparazzi daughter is filming this for this for the world to see - yes, I realize the whole world is not reading our blog. Raleigh was just too cute imitating Grandpa Pickles while we were over there for dinner. Now you understand how these boys can keep us all in stitches all day!!!

Today was also the first time the boys tried peanut butter. Daddy just could not wait any longer. They loved it and we don't think they had any adverse reactions to the peanut, but they really did not nap this afternoon at all. Coincidence???? This was after they napped over 5 hours total yesterday, so who knows! Gus' face says it all...mmmm, yummo! Raleigh liked it with a banana on his spoon and some peanut butter, just like mommy! Let me tell you Gus put me through the ringer today. Goodness me. After a wonderful morning out where everyone commented on how wonderful our boys were and how well behaved they were, he really went nuts. Nothing awful, just normal, 16 month old, testing the waters, stubborness. Unfortunately for us, he has the stubborness of both his mother and father in him...multiplied by 100! It will do him well in the long run, I just have to suffer through it a bit now.

Most of our Sunday was spent on the patio and in the pool. It was another hot one! The boys got a science lesson squeezed in when daddy caught a hug grasshopper. Raleigh immediately ran away when he saw it, but Gus just laughed and laughed! Then Raleigh got braver and came up to it too, but then it jumped on Gus. Seriously, right on him. Check it out!

Here's a picture of my mom and me at a friend's baby shower. Such a lovely night away with great food and drinks, and even better people!

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  1. OMG your dad is so funny! LOL!! And the boys are too cute! It looks like they are such a fun pair!


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