Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We are 17 Months Old Today. Really????? Already????

Gus' hair at the aquarium and swim lessons prompted a hair cut today...if you look closely in some of the pictures you can see his side "wings" were clipped and the bangs were shortened too...

The boys have been doing some serious growing during the last month. I think Raleigh is finally outgrowing his 12 month shirts. He probably has not gained any weight, but has really stretched out. Augustus too, but he has a big of a belly still hanging on him. Gus outgrew the 12 month shirts a few months back. However, they both fit into 12 month pants, and some of those are still really baggy on them. These boys have some small hips! Their little feet still need to catch up with their height increase, and they are struggling to run as fast as they want to. The boys are still not really very verbal, but Raleigh consistently says “ball” and we are working on other words that start with the “ba” sound. Of course they can say mum, dad, pa pa, non, and nan when needed too. They are really good at imitating sounds, particularly animal sounds. If you have not heard Raleigh make a “ba ba ba” like a sheep you are missing out…he sounds like a machine gun! It is hilarious. Gus is making more sounds like he is talking, but not really saying many new sounds…just chatters constantly! Raleigh still likes to use his sign language in conjunction with trying to say things.

They are starting to dance to music more spontaneously, meaning, not just when I say “dance guys.” They absolutely love the music for the Backyardigans show. I am still a stickler for how much television they watch, and I am getting a bit tired of hearing about it from my family, but I still think they are better off without much TV!

I absolutely love that if they do something that normally warrants praise, you will see them immediately look to you for a clap or a “good job!” They love to please and have such looks of pride when they are doing something good! On the opposite side, they also love to test boundaries; which is of course what we expect from now 17 month olds! They still shake their fingers “no, no, no” but many times just go ahead and touch whatever it is we say “no touch” to. Augustus has recently started throwing food when he is done eating as well. Ugh, but we knew this behavior would come at some point. However, they are still so sweet to us and each other. They will pat our backs when giving us a hug and it just melts both Matthew and me. Augustus loves to hug Raleigh right now, but Raleigh is still a bit pissy when he does it most times unless he feels up to wrestling. Raleigh has also taken a liking to a really fake, whiny cry that we are trying to ignore so he stops.

They are really turning into little boys. They love to throw balls everywhere. Raleigh still tends to throw left handed and Augustus throws right handed. The swim instructor noted today that they like to flip over from back to front in the pool opposite ways too. Of course the biggest hit toys are any vehicles: trucks, fire trucks in particular, cars, trains, you name it, if they can pretend to drive it - they love it!

We no longer use a sound machine over night. It was not on purpose to take it away, but we lost electricity in their room, so we tried without and they did just fine. They are really doing awesomely overnight with hardly a peep until close to 7 am. This has done wonders for our sleep and mood as well. I truly think all the fresh air and swimming has really helped them sleep so well. They are still napping twice a day and this too is resulting in long sleep stretches because they are so tired from all their activities. If they do cry overnight, more times than not, they just roll over and go back to sleep. As you know, it took Raleigh a long time to figure this out and not wake up looking for food at 5/6 am. They are doing really big dinners most nights and still eating yogurt right before bath and bedtime, so that helps keep them full! Although they may be a bit pickier with what they will eat then they used to be, they still are some amazing eaters!!!! They ate cucumbers today and loved them, and also licked my homemade Greek pasta salad up. Most of the time they will still try whatever you give them.

We were sad to see our cousins Alexander and Kaine leave tonight, but it was so good to see the boys interact with an older boy and young baby. They had a blast with Alexander, and Alexander had a blast with them. I think the next trip will be even more fun for all!!!!
This is as good as you can get with four boys before bed...and yes, I do put the boys in clothes, but they were outside playing in the rain, so we let them run around in their diapers yet again, but hey, at least they have diapers on;)

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