Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Water Works and the Next Hulk Hogans????

These kids keep me hopping & laughing. Enjoy the photos and videos. This is a snippet of what a day with twin boys will do to you. Don't forget to press play - you won't be sorry. All this laughing and giggling was after they had their shots for their 15 month checkup today as well. Gus weighed in at a whopping 25.4 lbs and Raleigh was exactly two pounds lighter. Amazing, we thought Rals had caught some ground. However, Gus dipped to the 50th percentile for weight and Raleigh dipped to the 25th percentile. They are long and lean. They are both about 33 inches long - 90th percentile.

Dad's idea of shopping with the boys...here they are hopping out of the carts into the sheepskin tub at IKEA!

VIDEO - WWF Superstars of the Future

VIDEO - That is a happy laugh and a big wet one!

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  1. Hi Brooke! The boys are so cute! Hope you are doing well!



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