Thursday, October 1, 2009

Multiples, a Master Course in Logistics!

So from almost day one, I have said how raising multiples is going to be a crash course in logistics. Seriously, it is a master course these days. Both boys can run; fast. Both have different interests at any given moment unless someone is eating something, then they are interested in food; your food to be exact. After the boys were born and then Raleigh was transferred to another hospital that could give him the proper care he needed, we were logistically challenged by how to spend time with both boys in different hospitals. Then the logistical challenge of feeding two boys at once, and trying to sooth two crying babies. You get the picture, and if you are a parent of multiples you can smile and remember those

As the boys hit 18 months, they have increasingly become more independent. I would say both boys have been very strong willed from birth; heck, maybe even from conception splitting into two embryos and all. I really think 18 months is a whole new ballgame though. Really, it is more fun, but whew, this momma is tired! Exhausted is probably a better choice of words. However, I would not trade it for anything and cannot believe I am lucky enough to have these two characters to spend my days with.
Yesterday we headed back to MOSI for one last free day and I decided not to take the stroller in since I had spent most of the previous experience worrying about someone taking my wallet from the baby bag hanging off the stroller. This is because the boys just ran from one end of the building to another and I had to catch them, not worry about the stroller. The experience consisted of trying to hold their hands, get them inside the building, up stairs, across a street, get my pass out for admission stickers, and entertain them so they did not have a fit because they had to hold my hands. Oh, and throw in in changing one boy's stinky diaper (Rals) while keeping the other one from digging in the garbage or splashing in the toilet. Yup, I did it all. Major accomplishment for me:) The biggest crisis was when Raleigh took about 200 fliers from the brochure stand. Picture me picking them all up, again, while trying to distract them with funny faces, songs, etc., to prevent them from running in opposite directions in an open area the size of a football field. We survived...barely;)

What is happening:
Gus can switch from fiercely independent to a complete momma's boy in one second flat. He can also go from my fearless wonder to being nervous about entering a new situation.
Raleigh is a great independent player and sometimes I worry about not being able to give him what he needs on days that Augustus is so needy. We have plans for more one-on-one days with both Matthew and me taking turns with one of the boys.
Both boys are still the best huggers. They wrap around us and tap our shoulders with their tiny little hands. It is the perfect remedy for a bad day, that and their infectious giggles. Today at the park, Augustus was laughing and running wild with some older boys and just hearing it makes me happy.
Getting the boys into car seats or high chairs is a bit more dramatic if they are not ready for it. Lots of back bending resistance and grunts of frustration. Luckily, I am still stronger and can generally coax them in.
Here is a short video of Augustus thoroughly enjoying his apricot curry with chicken. These kids continue to amaze me with what they will eat. I don't think I even tried curry until I was in my late 20's. The mmmm's are priceless. And, yes, it is a messy mess, but heck, the boys are not going to remember how clean the kitchen was while they ate dinner, right? Enjoying the sensory experience of eating is half the fun. Not so much to clean up, but I can tell you we will miss our pool when we move;)
Enjoy some snapshots of our week thus far. Yes, we are busy, busy. I joined a new mom's group for active moms and we have something on the calendar every day. That coupled with my multiples group, friends, and family, we are hopping! Mornings are a great time to get out of the house and experience lots of new things with the boys and it is priceless to see them experience new things. Especially now that fall has arrived. I cannot believe I was in jeans today at the park! Wow, I love living here at this time of year.


  1. yummmy apricot curry sounds delish!!! If you made it I want the recipe! It is crazy what our kids will eat isn't it!?!

  2. Patty - it is delish. I made it, but with help. All it is browned chicken on the bone with a whole onion and sprinkle in a packet of apricot chicken curry mix and two cans of apricots with juices. The packets are from Australia...since I have not found them here. If I find a recipe I will shoot it to you, or if I find the packets I will let you know. Yummo! Kids are cool.


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