Sunday, October 4, 2009

Zoo Day with Daddy

Today we headed to the zoo with daddy! It was great fun. There is a slide show of the best pictures are playing at the top of the site - enjoy! Or click here to see them closeup.

The boys went to lots of new areas; which made this trip even more fun. They had an extra special time in the two bird areas that you can feed the birds and interact with them. I can say that I was not so happy to lose my hot coffee, see the video below!

The boys even went into the petting zoo area with the goats for the first time. Usually we stay behind the fence and say hello to the goats. Today, we were brave, well, some were braver than others. Raleigh tried to hug and ride any goat he could get his hands on...good news is that the water park area was our next stop, so everyone was cleaned up really well!!!

Yesterday we had a blast with the new toys that Nonnie found. The Thomas the Train hideout is a big hit. The cow lawn mower is too, but it was causing too many fights without our other lawn mower here, so we took that one to Nonnie and Pickles so they can each have one to play with there. Then, Matthew and I even got a date at Ikea in the afternoon after swimming with the boys. Even better, we had a home cooked meal of chicken and dumplings as a good-bye dinner for Nonnie as she heads on vacation today! We will miss her, but we are happy she gets to see her other precious grandsons, Kaine and Alexander, aka Darth Vader! Have fun!!!!

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