Sunday, July 11, 2010

Favorite Things and Other Tidbits

This morning Raleigh woke up and when I came into the room he stood up and said “I wiggle my nose.”  Seriously, moments like these just melt my heart.  He sat up and moved his mouth back and forth and scrunched up his little nose and was so darn proud of himself.  Then he gave me a big hug, came down from his bed and said he had a “nice sleep.”  Awe!

They continue to increase their language and sentences.  Raleigh is a true parrot still, but comes up with the funniest things all the time.  He will put on a pirate hat and say “arrg matey.”  Augustus’ newest favorite thing is to say “play with me Mommy” or “lay with me Mommy.”  He’ll come over and take my hand and lead me to wherever he wants to go.  It is so darn cute. I especially love when he asks Raleigh to play with him! 
They are really into imaginary play right now.  Probably mostly due to being home almost all week.  Raleigh came down with a strange 48 hour fever that resulted in sores in his mouth.  Poor thing was miserable and just kept saying his mouth hurt any time he went to eat or drink.  He finally started feeling better yesterday, although he still had a bit of a problem eating, but today he seems to be just fine.  The doctor just said the sores were from the fever, not anything else, thankfully.  It just is a bummer that they tend to get these sores with every fever, and this last dose was really bad.  Augustus miraculously skipped both the fever and sores.  Whew!  Any way, back to imaginary play.  They have turned ordinary Tupperware containers into fire helmets.  I am not sure why, but Raleigh feels the need to pull the “helmet” down over his mouth.  Here is a shot of the boys while we were locked inside one of the sick days this week.  I kind of felt like I was in the looney bin in all honesty.  Thankfully a friend asked us to go to Busch Gardens yesterday and we were able to run off some pent up energy.  Daddy stayed home to study, so we missed him, but he has a big test coming up for work, so we were happy to help him get some peace and quiet to study in.  We are so proud of Daddy, too.  He got a promotion at work!  He’ll be heading back south to work again, but with all the traveling he has done for the job, I think the drive south will be a welcome change.
the crazy sickies! 

Whatever deficiency in language Augustus has, he makes up for exponentially in facial expressions.  The looks this kid makes will crack you up and infuriate you in one fail swoop.  I know I am an open book with my expressions, so mostly it just makes me laugh inside. 
cake, licking it off (2)
Gus says this is cold…and yes, his shirt says Raleigh, but I was just to lazy to look for his when we were having a play doh fun day.
gus, happy popsicle, and yes, his shirt says raleigh... 

They continue to do awesome with potty training.  Augustus is consistently dry all the time, even with 12 hours of sleep overnight.  Raleigh occasionally still has an accident, but we are still quite impressed.  Truthfully we thought Augustus would struggle more, so we are pleasantly surprised at his amazing potty training prowess!
Here are a few favorite shots of the boys from this week.

walk! smelling flowers (2) butterfly kisses (2) tool time, onsies keeping the belts up! orangatuns, face to face (2) raleigh, checking out reagan, great shots of his eyes (3) hyena jumps on Raleigh's truck (5)all aboard (3) hooping and hamming it up (2) hooping, big smiles 
rals sleeps in our bed, peaceful, fun dreams bros take a break during the walk

Here is a funny video of Rals sleeping in our bed at nap time.  He was just miserable at nap time and kept waking up, so I put him in our bed to help Gus get some sleep.  He ended up sleeping for almost three and a half hours in our bed.  I caught him smiling and enjoying a great dream when I went upstairs to check on him.  So darn adorable!  Again, heart melting stuff!  Augustus may not have been sick this week, but he sure enjoyed his brother being sick.  Raleigh slept a whole heck of a lot more, so Gus enjoyed lots of sleeping in and long naps.  He is a true sleeper, and Raleigh it seems is always eager to help wake him up.  Although, they have continued to both sleep in until 7:30 at the earliest…hoping that continues, although I probably just gave the kiss of death by putting it in writing and now they’ll be up at 6:30 tomorrow;)

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