Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seeing the “Manimals”

Love, love, love the way Raleigh says animals: manimals!   Hilarious. Well, we got to see plenty of manimals yesterday at a local petting zoo.  It was a great time with our twin group, even in the heat and with the smell of manure.  The boys had a blast and burned off some much needed energy.  They were their usual characters hugging and kissing on animals, climbing fences and causing trouble, but it was a lot of fun.  Of course, my camera was in my hand flying all over the place at all the cuteness of the twins and triplets at the farm.  Here are a few of my favorites…you know I can never just choose one or two.  I particularly love how Augustus had to open his mouth wide while feeding the animals to help them to know they needed to open up wide too.  Oh, and Miss Bell was there, so Gus was in love and smitten all day!  I loved that he called her a princess and asked her to twirl in her dress.  Her response was just as adorable, in that she wondered how she could be a princess while she was wearing a farm dress.  Love! 

turkey loving cow, baby tonguebunny boys (4)   cows make us happy, especially when the lick us! gus asks belle to twirl! (3) gus loving miss bellegus holds the rabbit horsegus hugs the goats  gus tells the horse to open up, then claps when he eats his carrot! (2) gus the happy goat man  horse - sign! (2) IMG_2537 raleigh, really, really, loves him some goat! raleigh, really, really, loves him some goat! (2) rals feeds the cows crackers (2)

In other exciting news, Nanny and Poppy are scheduling a visit to see us.  We were hoping to get to Oz, but things have come up, so now they are coming here.  I know they are excited, but when we told the boys, Raleigh immediately said “take Raleigh to Busch Gardens.”  I guess the boys are excited to play with them at Busch.  So funny!  We will be counting down the days, only a few weeks to wait!

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