Sunday, July 18, 2010


my husband is a sucker;)

The boys love trains, always have, probably will for a long time.  So when Matthew walked in the door with a giant box housing a big, beautiful train table, I was surprised, but really happy for the boys.  They are going to love playing with this table for quite a while.  You should have seen them all lit up while helping Daddy carry it in the house.  Here is a little video of the occasion.

train table

He had told the boys if they were really good while he was gone away for work he would take them to get a diesel train.  They have been excited about diesels ever since they watched a few Thomas the Train episodes.  They call them “naughty.”  Go figure!  We also have been playing with their Christmas present from Nannie and Poppy a lot more; which is a Lego Duplex Thomas the Train set. 

gus peeks thorugh the window gus through the train tunnel

The box has a nice picture of the other trains you can purchase, one of which is a diesel set.  Matthew was all set to go out and buy that set, but the expense of those Lego/Thomas things is just not worth it in comparison to the table.  Seriously, the thing is loaded with tunnels, bridges, a huge crane, and lots of bells and whistles, literally.  With the way the boys have obsessed over the table and new trains, I would say it was a great choice.

Other than trains, we’ve hit the beach, made cakes, yes, cakes, little individual dinosaur cakes, played with Nonnie, and even went to a pool playdate with other moms’ of multiples.  Unfortunately, my camera was dying a slow death this week, so pictures are less than spectacular.  It finally died, so the videos are shot with my mom’s really sad camera.  Heck, I cannot complain, right, at least I have something.  We ordered my new camera today using all the money I made selling some baby toys and the boys 12-18 month clothes.  Yay!  Get stuff out of the house and garage and get a new toy for Mommy! 

rals belly swinging, before faceplanting!  boys' masterpieceboys and icees! (5)

Gus with his older woman, date in the Barbie Jeep! gus and bell, first date.. (3) gus and bell, first date.. (4) gus belly swings (2) play doh with nons - raleigh's look 

rals chilling like a villian rals happy water baby gus splash happy

Gus and Miss B running through the water together!gus and bell  

rals eats dino cakePICT0025




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  1. That video of the boys with the train box is so adorable! They look like very happy little guys! What fun...
    Hope you enjoy your new camera. Ours died, too, while J was in I've been making due with my mom's camera too.


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