Sunday, April 5, 2009

Augustus loves his Daddy!

IMG_3948, originally uploaded by klgagne76.

Just a quick hello to you all. We have had computer troubles and we just bought a new laptop yesterday, so we should be back up and blogging soon. Just a quick addition of one of Kerri's great birthday shots of Augustus leaning on Daddy. We cannot wait to get all the shots of the day from Kerri so we can share them all from you. You can see a preview on her flickr account if you have not seen them yet:

This week the weather is supposed to be a bit cooler, so we plan on spending a ton of time outside before we get super hot again. The other plans for the week are to put the donations for the Ronald McDonald House together. We want to have individual bags for each guest with shampoo, conditioner, soap, shaver, etc., and a label on the bag that indicates the donation is from our friends and family in honor of the boys first birthday. Lots of work to do to get that done! So worth it though. We have plans every Saturday for the rest of the month too, so we will be keeping these boys very busy! Augustus has been making strides, no pun intended, in the walking department. He will go on his own at times without mommy or daddy's arms to fly into. Raleigh will only take about 3 steps max after he hears the praise & excitement over Gus' walking. We had tried to move to one nap a day for the past two days, but after Raleigh had a couple of night terrors we decided he really still needs the two naps. Whether he is just overtired coming out or just anxiety about change we don't know, but it is not worth it to push the issue. We'll let them tell us when they are ready for just one nap for now!


  1. I love this photo!!! Awww, so sweet and beautiful!

  2. love the photos Brooke! I love my "bi-line" as well. very cool.
    I'm interested to hear about the laptop. Still in the market....


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