Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, part II

Raleigh & Gus having fun on their first Easter!
They loved their little Easter baskets that matched their sweater vests perfectly. The baskets were gifts from their twinkie friends E&B. Very handy to hold their eggs in today!

Today was the real Easter day, and now that we have all eaten a big ham dinner with yummy squash, potatoes, and delicious salad, the boys are sleeping and I am photo editing. Of course, the boys were adorable as always. They were super sleepy today after playing with Nonnie & Pickles all morning...and after a rough night of Raleigh just being wide awake from about 3 am to almost 5., we are hoping they sleep better tonight! Not sure what was up with that, he wasn't upset or anything, just wide awake in his crib. Here are a few more pictures for the family & friends who could not be here to celebrate Easter with us. Last year we were in the hospital at this time on Easter (not this date of course...but April 12th last year was the first day the boys were back together again & both home from the hospital) so this year we were all able to relax & eat a bit more;)
Augustus being funny & Raleigh just taking notes on this one...usually he is the comedian!

Our first Easter together!

Everyone sees the bubbles;)

Augustus & Raleigh both looking very seriously into the camera.

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