Thursday, April 16, 2009

Enjoying the Beautiful Weather

The boys have been very busy enjoying the great weather! This weekend will be extra busy as well, so we hope to have low humidity and sunshine all weekend. We go to a March of Dimes fundraiser event on Saturday afternoon & the boys first baseball game on Sunday with another family of twinkies (and a whole bunch of them from what I hear, but we only know one of the families going).
Yesterday the boys had their last Synergist shot of the season. Whew! It has gotten increasingly difficult for them & mommy!!!! They obviously associate the doctor's office with shots & pain. They did okay again until they got to the scale. Then it was tear drop city. Raleigh weighed in at 22.4 and Gus was back up to 23.6 lbs. Just a little over a pound difference now. Gus really lost weight with all his movement and Raleigh is just maintaining, but boy can that man eat. He really has had a large appetite these past few days, but he burns his calories as soon as he consumes them. They are still walking like drunken sailors, and are really only comfortable doing so in their playroom; although they both took some steps in our front & back yard recently and even on the bumpy rubber mulch at the playground. I think within two weeks they will be old pros. You can really see how much better they are getting at getting up from sitting on the floor & deciding where to go before they take off. We are seeing less & less stage diving into something soft or mommy/daddy so that is an improvement as well.

Here are a few shots of the past few, fun filled days!
Raleigh walking to get his shoe!
Raleigh at the very top of the playground with Nonnie (how cute are her shorts...and with all the weight she is loosing they'll be mine sooon...and then I will have to loose weight too!!!)

Boys climbing up the train playground set - they can literally climb every square inch of the playground now. We let them climb up the 10 foot tall set & everything, of course we were right behind them every inch of the way!!

Augustus looking through the train tunnel - their favorite!

Raleigh playing in our front yard, turning the wood chip into a cell phone - which is certainly better than trying to eat it!!!!

Raleigh took a stick and tried to make a necklace...he'll do anything for a laugh:)

Raleigh looking back to make sure I was watching darn cute & happy he was going on his own!

The boys on their adventure to freedom outside!

Augustus, napping hard after all the fresh air!

The boys - what animated faces I tell ya!

Gus - the look tells me that he is about to eat the grass he is holding...

Gus - looking exactly like Matthew!


  1. I love their little faces!!!
    Ok, and this weather, to DIE FOR!!! I love it!

  2. the bubbles picture is so great! for some reason I signed in and now I cant see it anymore? did I lose your Easter blog ? anyway, so awesome!


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