Friday, April 10, 2009

Augustus says his first word...seriously!

Raleigh looking at his reflection...Augustus, well he licked his reflection!

Raleigh, very curly hair today!

Raleigh...thinks he is a comedian:)

The past couple of days have been really rough. We went to the zoo on Wednesday with another set of identical twin boys. We had a blast, but I could tell that Gus just was not himself. He was really tired & just kind of hung out in his stroller for the few hours were were there. It turns out Augustus has had a really high fever, but it finally seemed to break late last night. I took him to the doctor to get checked out, even though their really is not much they can do for a fever. She confirmed it is not strep throat, and now that he has a ton of red bumps all over his chest and neck/face it is probably over. One of my old friends said it must be roseola based on the symptoms: high fever for days and then the red rash that developed. Today he seemed fine and was a much happier camper. So far, knock wood, Raleigh has not shown signs of any high fever.

On a more upbeat, exciting front, tonight at dinner Augustus was actually saying "ball." He repeated it back to me when I asked him to and pointed to the ball I was holding. Of course, camera is always nearby, so I caught it on film. This is his first word:) YAY.


The penguins at the zoo were as interested in Rals as he was in them.

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