Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy, Busy Weekend!

The boys are truly tired today. We kept them very busy this weekend. Plus, their new favorite activity is climbing, which can wear them and us all out!!!

First, Saturday morning we let them run wild in the backyard in their little swimming pool after their morning nap. Then it was on to an event for the March of Dimes at Gymboree. It was our first time taking the boys to a place like Gymboree, where it is basically like a padded room where they could go wild exploring all the big sensory toys and such. They had fun...but we did not have an afternoon nap before they got there, so they look like zombies in the pictures. They then slept the 30 minute ride home, which is so not enough for nap time, and they were cranky pants that night for sure! We still took them in the pool with Nonnie to help them relax before bed. Despite being overtired, a sure recipe for many overnight wake ups in our household, they slept really well. Of course, Raleigh stirred at 5 am...his norm now, so we have a new nickname for him "Rooster." I have an uncle Rooster, not sure he gets his nickname from the same meaning!

Sunday was baseball day! The boys went to their first game in beautiful. Much prettier than Milwaukee; which is where I went to see my first baseball game. Although, I will definitely take the boys to Wrigley Field when they are old enough to enjoy it!! The game was to see the Clearwater Threshers, the minor league team for the Phillies. Although, I did not watch a lick of the game...what a difference kids make;) Also, what a great day for baseball, it was in the low 80s, sunshine, and no real humidity! It was also bark at the park day, so tons of doggies were roaming the stadium as well. We met our twinkie friends Emma & Brooks there too, so everyone had someone to talk to. The stadium also had a playground right inside so the boys were able to explore. They slept the hour drive home and then almost another hour when we were home. Then we were off to Nonnie & Pickles for an amazing dinner. The boys really love meatballs, and I think the turkey meatballs were even better! They also thoroughly enjoy broccoli too. Weirdos;) Guess I will have to learn to fake liking the "trees" too.

Tonight is a big night of Skyping with Nannie & Poppy - cannot wait!!!

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