Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Have an Idea and Other Musings

The boys kill me with what they say most days, and my favorite thing out of their mouths lately has to be when they say “I have an idea.” (Actually it is usually “me have an idea,” or “here’s an idea,” since they still only use the pronoun ‘I’ sparingly).  They will say it in the correct context, too.  You never know what the idea will be.  It can be, an idea to have a “muff” cake, or build a fort, you name it.  It is adorable!!!!  Today they were playing outside, yes, we are thoroughly enjoying the seventies again, and Gus was on his “motorcycle” or big wheel, and Raleigh was sitting on the porch watching him. Rals asked if this was a parade, and then yelled “beads!!!”  Love it.  They are so Tampa! Gasparilla veterans since they were nine months old will do that, I suppose.  Speaking of Gasparilla, here are a few shots of the big Children’s Gasparilla Extravaganza from last weekend.  We did the preschooler’s stroll for the first time. It fell during nap time, but we survived.  They were extremely tired afterward, but still, we had a ball with our Mothers of Multiples friends who helped walk with us.


1 - on the wayarrg!daddy and ralsgus on daddy! (2)gus the bead giver (2)ham fam

The boys giving their friends E & S a kiss during the parade, needless to say, the crowd loved them!!!

pirate kiss during parade!tbamoms

We had gotten into the spirit the night before by reading a new Mem Fox book sent to us courtesy of the boys’ great-Aunt Julianne, and great-Uncle Tony.  Boris the Pirate is a bit scary, but it certainly set the mood for us!

aussie pirate book!

Here is a look back at the two previous Gasparillas.  Of course, you can click on the tag “Gasparilla” and see much more from year’s past.  Enjoy!!!



The boys are still doing really well with their alphabet recognition.  Raleigh has caught up to Augustus and although, he doesn’t want to play with the magnet letters like Gus, he will point out letters when we are reading books. And they are still really into reading. Their favorite book right now is The Polar Express. Not sure if they are just missing Christmas, or just love the story.  If we read a a book right before bedtime, they wake up and immediately ask for the same book again.  Their memories still freak us out.  They seriously never forget.  However, if you ask them what they did today, sometimes they just start making up these elaborate stories…hmm, reminds me of a certain Uncle the boys have named Tommy!  If you ask them what they want to do today, Augustus will nine times out of 10 say he wants to go to Sea World.  I guess we need to start planning a return trip soon.  They have really enjoyed watching some football games with me this year.  The Packers are really the only team I will watch, being from Green Bay and all, so we don’t get all their games televised, but of course, with them going to the SUPER BOWL this year, we’ve watched the play-off games together, and the love it.  Yay!  Since Matty rarely watches it with me, it is nice to have some company.


In other news, the boys Nonnie turned 60 this last week. It killed us with the planning, but we were able to keep her party a secret!!! I really don’t think she had a clue.  We had a “Sweet 60” party complete with her favorite Hello Kitty decorations and all pink. Everyone wore pink to the party (well, two guys wore more maroon, but other than that, all pink).  My mom had to do a change into pink half way through the party, but we got everyone into pink.  The boys were so excited and never spilled the beans.  They did go to bed at 7 with some tears, but they did fall asleep soundly despite the ruckus downstairs! They were kind enough to let us sleep in until 7:30 as well.  After going to the Green Iguana after the party, I was grateful!  Happy Birthday to my amazing Mom!  60 is just a number because you surely don’t act your age, and I mean that in the best possible way!  Thank you for teaching me to stay young at heart and having so much fun with the boys all the time!!!!  Love you!!!



This is the CAKE!  Can you believe it???!!??  I did not get a great picture of it before we cut it…but believe me, it was amazing!  Thanks Eli for taking care of the cake, I could never have picked a better cake!!!

DSCF1099DSCF1100surprise! (2)surprise!mom and meparty shotsparty shots (4)pink ladies (2)

Lastly, Eli also had personalized M&Ms made for the event, they say “Sweet 60th” on them and have champagne glasses.  Cute.  It was sad that so many of my mom’s best friends and family live so far away and could not make it to the party, but it was great to see her so loved by all her friends in Florida.  She is truly a special woman!sweet 60th

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