Monday, February 21, 2011

Multiples and More Blog - Two great posts!

I have to link to two really good posts on the Multiples and More Blog from this week.

First, this blog post about the super-mom interaction from one Mother of Multiples (MoM) and another MoM at the gym.  If you are a MoM and have ever had one of those days, this is a great read. It is hilarious and I know I have said one or two of these things more than once;)

 My favorite lines were these.

  • MoM - Yeah, but as long as we make it through the day, right?

  • Super MoM - Oh, yes...and if you can make it without hitting up the Jack Daniels, you're especially lucky!
The second post is about twins and not calling them twins.  I rarely call the boys "twins," instead I call them the boys, or by their names.  I really cringe when people refer to them as twins, but I understand it, they are twins, it is pretty freaking cool and amazing, but they are so different, that I want people to know them as Augustus, and Raleigh, not augustusandraleigh, or "the twins."  This is especially true as we foray into the world of preschool very soon!  It is hard enough for adults to understand they are two, seperate human beings, let alone three year olds trying to comprehend this.  Thanks to Kristen of Intrepid Murmurings for sharing your perspective.

Lastly, we entered the boys into the monthly Photo of the Month contest on the Multiples and More blog.  It is not for fabulous prizes, but rather to show off their cuteness, and you know I am all about that!  They did not get the boys in the poll right away, so I think the results are skewed;)  However, we are now on the poll, so if you have time and want to vote, click 

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