Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween was jam packed with exciting things this year. The day started with donuts on the doorstep left by our old neighbors and friends. Yummy! Just the sugar rush mommy and daddy needed for the day! We headed across the bay to a twin party in the park. It was ridiculously hot, so we did some quick thinking for cooler costumes and ended up with the cutest little hippies you have ever seen. All that was missing was leather pants and they could have passed for mini-Jim Morrisons!
They got into their koala and kangaroo hoodies for all of two minutes for a few pictures with our bestie twin friends. You can see from the looks on all the kiddos faces it really was miserably hot.

After running, eating and playing all morning we packed up and headed home. The boys stayed awake the whole way home; which meant they had a nice nap when we got home. Which meant we were fully charged enough to head to our friends house for trick-or-treating.

Of course, we first had to stop and Nonnie and Pickles house for pictures and so they could see their costumes. The boys were really fabulous all night and had a ball saying "boo" to every neighbor and Halloween decoration. They could not say "trick-or-treat" but I thought "boo" was even cuter!

They were dinosaurs for the evening, and since we only hit a few houses up and down their street they did not melt too badly. They were cracking everyone up with their little dinosaur "rawrs" and "boos." The best part was that the F's live in a garden district of their neighborhood so all the garages are in the back, and the front yards are all in a common green space where everyone could safely walk, and run around. The boys probably had the most fun chasing Winston, the dog across the street. They made it until close to 8pm, and then we headed back. Again, we were surprised they did not fall asleep in the car, so we were right in line with changing our clocks back without a worry! We hope everyone else had a safe and happy Halloween!

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