Monday, November 2, 2009



I just had to post the boys first time on big swings. Loving it. They did not want to come off of them, as usual with swings, but it was the first time holding on all by themselves. I cannot believe how grown up they are! They are so awesome at eating with spoons/forks on their own, trying to use the big boy potty, and picking up after themselves. I have to say, I love this age. They are little mimics and love to please! Of course, this age is also full of testing the limits and doing things they know they shouldn't. But all of that comes with it, and it can be just as entertaining watching their curious minds figure out this crazy world.
As a side note, I think the whole world knows already, but Augustus went pee pee on the big potty yesterday for the first time too. It was the first attempt at the big potty using a seat that is toddler size. It is a Thomas the Train cover - which they love. I say the power of Thomas helped him pee! They have been sitting on the tiny toilets for a few weeks, but only fully clothed. That in itself is hilarious to watch because they steal tissue to fake wipe themselves and put it in the mini-toilet. If you ask if they are pooping they start grunting...where do they get this stuff from? ;) Of course, I have it on film and shared it with close friends, alas, people think the kids may eventually be I won't post it here. Nonetheless, we are very proud!!!!


  1. The boys are adorable! Yay for peeing on the potty!

  2. I cant believe they can do big boy swings!!! SO CUTE!

  3. Can't you stop them from getting so big? It is so exciting when they do something new. Great video! I love hearing your mom laugh too!


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